1,2,3,4 do we need the Royal Corps

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Capt_Cuddlebunny, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Seeing as the various so-called trades of Jimmy's finest are having every more handbags at dawn sessions, perhaps we need to evaluate do we need the Royal Corps or, as like like to think of them, the future branch of the All Girls Corps :D
  2. tis quite sad isnt it.

    pity decent sigs threads are becoming rarer than usual. seems like the top place for bitching and moaning. but if its reccouring all the time surely there might actually be something wrong?? i mean this many people cant al be wrong can they?
  3. True, my sainted father told me, the Royal Corps (of which he served in for 40 years (regular) as man and boy) was never really happy once they lost their horse drawn cabble waggons, maybe if they got a few a la Kings Troop RHA and ditched the Whitehelmets they'd be a much happier Royal Corps!
  4. Are you even in the Royal Corps? If you are trying engaging your brain before posting. If you are not post drivel like this in the Arrsehole in future.

    Bow_Man - Any chance of either deleting/locking this thread or moving it to the Arrsehole please?
  5. im in the sigs. it isnt hard to notice the bitching, moaning, shimfing, sarky answers, personal digs, general ill feeling being put across in the sigs forum.

    we do the job but are the people representing that job happy? i think not. but why? might make an interesting discussion if it doesnt turn into a slagging match again

    chance would be a fine thing
  6. Me thinks that the bigwigs at HQ level arent clever enough to admin themselves or even set up their own HQ and they need somebody to do it for them. Its a dirty job but somebody has to do it.

    SK :D
  7. What are you trying to hide?

    So with the mass debating going on between the various trades within the Royal Corps as to whether they are worth it or not, you wish to remove their (and everyone elses chance) of discussing whether ANY of them are worth it! Perhaps you secretly fear that ALL R.Signals trades will realise that they and the Royal Corps are not worth it and transfer out!

    Or perhaps you're scared that a seeming attack on their Royal Corps will unit them in harmony - something that is VERY lacking in NUMOUROUS threads?
  8. Dear Readers,

    Am I wrong to assume that from his poor grasp of the English language Capt_Cnutybunny is neither a Captain nor AGC?

    Fcuk Off

    Trolling Cnut

  9. Cuddlyfuckwit. You are a fcuking troll. Why don't you go and catch Ebola somewhere? Don't mistake inter trade rivalry as anything else other than a generally healthy thing. And NO-ONE on here has to justify a fcuking thing to you, bellwhiff. Now fcuk off and play on the railways.
  10. To quote someone who is in the Royal Corps:

    Perhaps you need to install some esprit de corps into the knobjockey tradesmen to get along with each other rather than make the WHOLE lot of you fatknacker REMFing tits on too much trade pay!

    You don't here Cav types arguing who's best, dvr/mech, gnr/mech or con sig now do you!
  11. Inter trade banter has been going on for many many years, long before I joined up and im sure long before you joined up capt c0ckstand. So how about you bore off and leave us scalys to it.

    What the fcuk has it got to do with you anyway. If you don't like whats in this forum then go fcuk off to whatever sad lonely paedophile site you like to frequent.

    Nuff said.

    Now get the fcuk out.
  12. Guess, we could all go down the bar and chat to the lovely birds our corps has ..... but the mrs would kill me
  13. Funny to se there a number of posts saying we don't need this thread, but not one post saying yes we need the Corps and what a stalwart job we do! All the trades must be toooooo busy baiting each other to give a toss or down the bar chasing pussy...

    So much for esprit de (Royal) Corps...
  14. That would be because we don't need to justify ourselves to you.

    Now hurry along, before you breach the terms of your ASBO.
  15. True, and the rest of the glorious British Army you serve agrees with you of course (or thinks you bunch of shinyarrsed brewbitching REMFs who spend more time on comparing tade pay than their pers phys and whinning on how crap Blandford is while telling the rest of the world the future is bright the future is BOWMAN knobjockies who are led by officers who like to steal wedding dresses and as such aren't here supporting you!)...