1.1km open water swim

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by stoatman, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Right. A mate emotionally blackmailed me into doing a 1.1km open water swim on August 11.

    I am not exactly a knacker, but not fit.

    What should I be looking for in kit & training plan? I have access to a swimming pool, and the same open body of water as the swim will take place in. There's a Harbour wall and a diving Platform about 100m away from it.

    I was thinking once a week in the pool 1200m? And once a week in the open water 5 times from Harbour, around Platform and back.

    My front crawl technique is OK, but I can't see where I'm going in the lake. Swimming breast stroke would require a knee brace.

    Any advice welcome...
  2. Try and master sidestroke, I had trouble with it but for long swims, and military swims pulling kit, its the way to go.
  3. Morning swim every day in a pool (1km) and a short open water swim to get you used to inhaling choppy water once a fortnight. Bottle of cocacola post swim is supposed to settle any stomach upsets (everyone does it but it might of course be an urban myth).

    Ask on the triathlon threads and one of those nutters will advise better than I ever could.
  4. Thanks, but a morning swim is a no-no because... kids and work. Must deal with first and be at work for 0730...

    Training has to be limited to after dinner time.
  5. Fair enough. I never found any particular improvement on my swim times unless I smashed out a session a day for a while.

    Good luck :)
  6. Start swimming now! Use the pool to improve our technique but you must get some open water swimming in before the event. If you can get your local Tri to give you advice on how to swim while spotting your markers and more importantly give you advice on wetsuits! Good luck
  7. Good Afternoon

    Do as much swimming and general fitness training as you can Gym / Cycling etc

    1.1. Km is small fry in open water swimming terms

    Get use to the water temperature - where is it lakes and rivers will be colder than the sea

    Is it wetsuit or swim suit

    Practice bilateral breathing - front crawl

    Get a good pair of swimming mask - I find goggles too restricting a swim mask gives better vision for sighting

  8. oooh_matron is right, you need to be in the pool once a day and the open water once a week. 1.1km is pretty short and the cold will motivate you only part of the way especially if no wetsuits are allowed!

    My technique for the lake bala swims is a 'sighting' breath every nine strokes, where instead of breathing to the side as you stroke you pop your head up forwards and keep the buoy in sight. Saves you zig zagging across the lake.
    Also, try an open finger 'pull' through the water, its not as powerful as keeping your fingers close together but saves burning out your arms in the first 700m as you frantically try to keep warm. Theres no shame in a few strokes in breast stroke when you're licked before getting back into the crawl.

    If you can't get into the pool regularly beforehand, prepare to make friends with the safety boat team.
  9. Water temp today is 19C. Will hopefully be a few degrees warmer by August.
  10. Thanks for the tips. I shall see if I can get in the lake today, even though the air temp is not that great!
  11. In prep for the Great East 2 Mile swim, sadly postponed from yesterday due to poor weather forecast, my coach had me doing between 2400-3000 in supervised sessions each week, with me doing as little or as much extra time in the pool as I could be bothered to do. Concentrated on technique and stamina, as mentioned above bilateral breathing is useful in case the wind is against you.

    Open water sessions are not essential, I did my first I miler with no prior open water training, but is helpful if you can get some in as the sensation is somewhat different to swimming in a pool, also as again mentioned it helps to practice your sighting technique as I can assure you it is tedious having to swim further than you have to just cause you can not see the markers, following others does not help as they can be wildly of course just as easily as you.

    If you have to wear a wetsuit then make sure you get one designed for swimming and not a surf suit, mine was about £120 a couple of years back, there are firms that hire them out for about £40 a time, for further advice speak to a triathlon club.
    Do some swimming in the wetsuit you are going to wear on the day over a comparable distance well beforehand to work out if it rubs anywhere, then get some Bodyglide anti chaffe lubricant and apply to the sore areas prior to the event.

    If no wet suit just hope the water temp improves.

    I am now looking at doing the Great London Swim at the end of Aug 1 mile in Victoria Dock.
  12. Weather today is cool & windy. Ran about 5k or so, and went in the lake (about the same temp as the air), but only swam to a buoy and back (so around 50m, if that.....). Waves higher than my head. Didn't think it safe to do any more on my own given the conditions.

    Tried the sighting breath on the 9th stroke. Worked as advertised. :D
  13. Make your pool swims NON STOP swims. None of this pause and rest every few lengths, just keep going and build up the endurance. As there's no wall to cling to for a rest in open water. Wet suits are useful as you can pee in a wetsuit to keep warm (old diver's trick) and if it's very cold, you can have a friend pee in it too.
  14. Right. Air temp 15C, water 19C.

    Jogged down to lake (about 2km).
    200m swim: choppy, waves from the side. Biffed it to the diving Platform breast stroke, did crawl half of the way back.
    Jogged 2k home.

    People grilling on the beach in warm jackets looked bemusedly upon my barely-clad form.

    I have ordered a swimming shorty wetsuit. Should have it by the end of the week. Not a luxury, I feel...