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Builds 1/16th scale M5A1 Stuart Light Tank

applied this to the mantlet and I'm pleased with the texture.
gun mantlet and front plate b.jpg

the gun assembled to the front plate.
gun mantlet and front plate.jpg
I'm moving the hull along with a dried mud and dust airbrushing, very pleased how that dried mud on the lower hull front has dried and cracked, looking as close as I can get it to the real thing.
hull front cracked mud and dust larger image.jpg
all the main turret parts laid out ready for painting the inside white.
turret main parts.jpg

with the paint inside drying and the outside in grey primer, a test fit of the turret main joins.
turret trial assembly.jpg
so far, all parts have been painted with dark under green over grey primer, the parts left in the box are getting fewer.

the turret painted in dark undergreen, give that a few hours to dry and harden off and it'll be salt time.
turret under colour a.jpg
the turret side in wet salt and a coat of life colour od. It's very fragile at this stage, needs time to dry a bit before any dusting away of the salt to expose the underlaying coat.
turret side salt od wet.jpg

this is the turret roof, slight damage to the wet layer, as can be seen here, it's very vulnerable at this wet stage.
turret top wet paint.jpg
with the salt and thinned top coat effect, you can score a different worn appearance by brushing off the salt at differing drying times, the dryer the top coat the more sharp the breaks of paint, the wetter the top coat when you do it, the larger the damage to the top coat. intuitive when you think of the wet or dry paint scraping off. first, the turret wet
turret side paint effect b.jpg

the dust guard dry
dust guard paint effect d.jpg
the white stars painted onto the sides using a mask I've re-used from the M42 Kit, this is going to get a blistering blast of weathering, fragmenting it into a barely visible star. The bane of allied tank crews.
fade3d white star a.jpg


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There's these, they'd need work
These might look nice
They are very thin on the ground it seems

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