Builds 1/12 scale model Girl on a Hayabusa Bike, glass case and base making.

Actually, adding a manhole, some white line paint and some leaves would resonate with motorcyclists...
Some horseshit on the racing line for the rural feel.

Or some Berkeley Hunt in a White Mondeo T-Boning a ZRX 400 for the next project.

A montage of the ZRX rider being breathalysed by the fuzz while the Mondeo driver lies to the police would be brilliant.

Or the ZRX rider beating up the Mondeo driver.

No, I'm over it, really.
I stand corrected, it is a Hayabusa, not a Ninja.
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Aye, the Ninja series were Kwakkers, the 'Busa was/is a Suzuki. That looks like an early model when they were king of the hill.

Nice if you can make the memories of machinery I could never afford come alive. A mate of mine had one.

I could take him through the corners on my NSR 250 R, but he lit it up on an M-way once, and I may have been going the other way. 'Fast' didn't really describe it.
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Being on the back of a Busa.. They corner pretty well and accelerate like the Millennium Falcon hitting lightspeed.

I'm not getting on it ever again.
she looks better from some angles than others, I'm not much of a figure modeller, I find I learn it all over again every time I sit down to do figure painting. There are lots of tutorials on the web and on our own figure painting thread here on Arrse.
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if she looks like a bit of a slut, it's not her fault, I painted her that way.
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the tight black biker suit has lost it's Sheen. So a look at brightening that up might be on the cards. Though it is a motorcycle outfit, rather than a dominatrix one.
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Has she had work done? Looks like she has plastic titties.

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