Builds 1/12 scale Harley Davidson U.S. Army WLA motorcycle by IMEX

Another kit that seems to have been reissued multiple times with not much difference between issues.

As to the "WLA 1980"

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Thanks for the link.
Another great website where I'll lose half the day before I realise it.
The brake lines fitted, early morning sunlight reflected from the headlamp, pleased with it so far, construction is complete, just needs targetted airbrushing, when the shed is warm enough this morning, let the heater do it's thing.
headlight in sun.jpg

made up it's base and glass case ready.
finished construction.jpg
finished and in it's glass case ready to head to SMC to go on display there. The kit decals were a big fail, so to the decals spares box, and never throw a healthy decal down, a application of Humbrol decal cote, dried, followed by a coat of Humbrol Matt cote to seal the deal.
glass case a.jpg

glass case b.jpg