1-11 May 2013 Reconcilliation Effort in Syria


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I came very close to posting this in the Serious Bits, but had to reconsider. The only place to do it justice was the NAAFI.

The latest non-starting "effort" at reconciliation in Syria highlighted a few useful points. These included, but are not only the following:

The involvement of naive non-stakeholders continuously dancing in the light for little effect except to their funding streams and public notoriety.

The continued advancement of a sectarian basis for the situation rather than the political ones that started it off.

The cynical attempt to advance a marginal faith based organization as a "player" that has produced no noticeable lasting positive effects in its previous work and is not generally accepted in the region.

The advancement of a narrative by their Nobel Peace Prize winning "spokesperson" that is out of step with the avowed goals of the organisation and do not demonstrate the ability to engage in meaningful conflict analysis, management or negotiation.

A few brief articles that illustrate some of the points follow:
Nobel Peace Laureate’s Appeal for Dialogue and Reconciliation in Syria; Rejection of War «



Disclosure: I know people who took part in this little adventure, count them as friends and despair of their naivete, which always makes pub night enjoyable.
Tell the OP to put his tin foil hat back on....


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