1:10 RC schumacher mission, and other equipment for sale

I started RC racing when i was 13, and when i was 16 my lcoal track shut down, since then iv had the whole kit, that i have spent a good amount of money on, just sitting around. so now i want to sell it all, so if you like place an offer and ill give it a yes or no. offers not including P+P please.

the car is set up for indoor racing, and should not be used out side unless the sut up has been changed, you should read the instructions before changing the ride height or take it into your local model shop and they should be more than happy to change it for you. indoors the car was never able to get to full speed, but this motor in a different car could go a good 20mph+.

this is a good car for first timers or old salts.


Schumacher mission (no price, as this model is not sold anymore) £30. (could do with a re-build, origanial box, instructions, carry holdall and half decent body shell [yellow Nissan 350Z] included) wheels and tyres also in the price, they are older than the car, but a very good quality, not one sign of wear on them.


Monster motor (details unknown, as its an old motor, in perfect working order when last run. could do with a clean) £12

Speed controler:

NE1830 Novak XRS Reversible Sport (£37.99) soldered to motor, £15

Steering servo:

Cheap, but does the job. free


Also cheap, but does the job, free

Total: £57 but if you buy all as one: £45. (reasonable eoffers also accepted)

Other equipment (sold as indvidual items)


tamiya 'gun' style, £5

battery charger:

Pro-Peak, AC/DC delta peak fast charger. comes with mains plug, and car battery clips, £10 (i do have batteries, but are very poor condition, ill add them for free on request)

Radio control Crystals:

orange (27.095) 50p

green (27.195) 50p

yellow (27.145) 50p

27.125 50p

pictures on request. remember, all prices given by me, and offers will NOT include P+P. all payment to be via paypal

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