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1 1/2 run time

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I know this question is probably posted every where put i wanted to get some up-to date information

I have my 2nd interview on friday coming and they want to know my 1 1/2 time, sit-ups and press-ups. My 1 1/2 run time is around 11 minuets sit-ups 45 in 1 minute and 45 press-ups. I was wondering what is the time the army look for. The job I'm going for is REME aircraft techie

Thanks in advance

If you know it is posted everywhere then most probably so is the answer! - Disco
People will say 11 minutes will get you a pass but you need to get as good as you can before selection. Never set a time to aim for, just go as fast as you bloody can. Simple. Even if someone can run it in 8:30 they should try to improve.
Just get as fit as you can to hedge your bets and don't be complacent.

You aren't really assessed on sit ups and pressups.

Keep training and good luck matey.
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