1-1-1 US Army Initial Physical Fitness assessment query

Hello to all US Army servicemen on ARRSE!
I am following the 'Pocket PT Guide' fitness programme and have just done the first four week fitness assessment.

I am unsure how to count the reps for the sit-ups and push-ups, so I can work out my score.
This is because you US types seem to do push-ups and sit-ups as a four-count movement, eg: from the 'up' position for push ups, you go 'down, up down, one' - correct?
but on some webpages dealing with the 1-1-1 initial fitness assesment, it looks like you count each 'down and up' as one?
The same confucion reigns with sit-ups - can anyone from the US Army clear this up for me?
thanks, so thats every time or every other? The 4 count thing is great for rhythm, but confusing for counting reps.
Every time. Sit-ups and push-ups are scored as 2-count movements, not 4 - count.

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