1,000 Saudi troops enter Bahrain

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by msr, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Now being reported by The Times
  2. Did we say they could do that?
  3. Whose this WE?
  4. That would be the Bahrain with an 80% Shia population that's just called in a mob from the Sunni flagship state to crack some heads then...
    That'll go down well with the rest of the Gulf States.
  5. Bahrain travel advice
  6. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Let's see if Dave decides we need a no-fly zone over Bahran and Saudi, shall we?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Time to draw a veil over Afghanistan and reorganise for what's to come. It's a big question what Iran does if the Sunnis decide to beat up on their co-sectarians.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    It will go down well with them, certainly. Their rulers are, to a Man (and the Women, Gast Arbeiter, expats etc, do not count) Sunni (except Oman, who are neither), and most have their own bunch of Shia being stirred up over this (the long hand of Tehran, perhaps?).

    Interesting times ahead!

  9. Define "interesting"! If by potential shitstorm, then I think you could be right on the money. However, I don't think words will necessarily turn into action from the likes of Iran, they're crazy but not stupid. The only thing that the Arab uprisings have so far been is relatively secular, with a heart-warming (ostensibly but not guaranteed) desire for democracy. Intriguing to see if this changes due to Saudi manoeuvres.
  10. It's just another ploy to allow the BBC reporters to come out with yet more interesting pronunciations, as in Bach (roll the k sound a bit) then rain.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Secular? Far from it. The impact on christians in Egypt has been dire, in a similar fashion to the increased persecution that they have faced in recent years in Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere. Persecution of Christians in Egypt has increased markedly and most violently since Mubarrak left; it just has not been reported in the West that much - after all, the Guardian wouldn't like it.......
  12. By that I mean the drive of the uprising hasn't shown itself to be (...yet) influenced by fundamentalist Muslim groups such as the Brotherhood and/or AQ. I haven't heard of any increased violence towards Christians from sources like the Economist or STRATFOR, where have you heard this?
  13. 'Persecution of Christians in Egypt has increased markedly and most violently since Mubarrak left;' - I've noticed that, whereas when the anti-Mubarrak demonstrations were on, you couldn't move in Cairo for BBC reporters, Egypt is now never mentioned. It is only because I watch the French news every evening (that covered it quite well) that I found out about it at all.

    Now, the Beeb is busily backing the wrong horse in Libya - it has only been in the last week that the BBC has reluctantly admitted that Gadhaffi might just have a little bit of domestic support.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This is a wonderful Blog for all sorts of reasons:

    including this on recent anti-Christian violence in Egypt:
    "There has been a Coptic church on this site for centuries. St Mina (or Menas) is one of the most well-known of Egypt's saints, and St George needs no introduction.

    Yesterday, a church dedicated to their blessed memory was destroyed in a small town just outside Cairo. It was torched by 'thousands of Muslims' (or are they Islamists? Or, for
    Baroness Warsi, are these 'thousands' simply a minority-of-a-minority ‘extremists’?) chanting ‘Democracy Akhbar’ – Democracy is Great! It is a curiously syncretised slogan, juxtaposing the Anglo-Greek with the Arabic: perhaps we will be hearing many more of them in the years to come. ‘Allah Save the Queen!’, perhaps; or the Aquinas-Mohammed ‘Just Jihad’ theory; or ‘Halal a day helps you work, rest and play’; or ‘Sharia – it’s what your right arm’s for’. Apparently, the clergy in this church are still unaccounted for. There isn’t a mention of this barbarism on the BBC, or, for that matter, in any of the ‘mainstream’ media. As far as they are concerned, it hasn’t happened."

    If you are genuinely interested in the persecution that Christians are facing all over the world - not just from Islamists (although it is mostly from them) then the people with the knowledge are the Barnabus Fund (Barnabas Fund - hope and aid for the Persecuted Church | Persecuted Christians : Home) under the leadership of Dr Patrick Sookhdeo. He's a Christian who converted from Islam - itself a 'crime' which would get you the death penalty in many countries.

    Oh, and if you've got a few bob spare, they aer a very deserving cause, IMHO.
  15. This is being rolled out by the media as a proxy struggle I see. Funny how the term takes me back to the good old 70's and 80's proxy wars around the globe. Back then we knew what side we were on.

    BTW, is it the Sunni that are the Catholics and the Shi'ite the Protestants or is it the other way round? All very confusing.