1,000,000 Rounds per min gun.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Yes_Sir!, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. MMMMMM. Can I get one please.

    Although cleaning the fcuker will be hell.

    Link here

    Turn your speakers down first.
  2. I thought they were disposable. 8O
  3. Was on Tomorrows World a long time ago. Yeah, lets take it to Pirbright ranges, Do you want to pick up the empty cases. Bring the 10-tonner down with you !!!!!
  4. It was called metal storm on Tomorrows World. propellant is a solid lump electronically detonated so no brass 8)
  5. it's not called metal storm, it's made by metal storm of brisbane, australia.. the designer is a guy called O'Dwyer (see the VLE he designed, genius). the rounds are stacked behind each other in the barrel, and best of all, it can be programmed to fire in pretty patterns. there is also a model that fires mortar rounds, apparently (thought they look more like 40mm bombs).
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Fantatstic. I'll have two.
  7. sounds good.
  8. Now thats my kind of foogin speed camera.....62 mph Brrrtt

    Im gobsmacked this is australian though, it sounds more american to say "what we only put 4 rounds into him? balls to that lets put a million rounds into one guy in half a second, thats freakin stopping power!

    I really fail to see the application of this apart from maybe load it with mortars or something...
  9. If the MoD ordered it, it would have to be twice the size, eight times as heavy, and have a magazine limiting it to 100 rounds (to avoid tipping over vehicles overloaded with BOWMAN).

    Oh yes, and we'd probably get it just in time for NATO to change ammo calibre.
  10. That a good bit o kit there, can not see it replacing the Dillion Aero 20mm :D
  11. Tisk Tisk, we can't buy them, they would hurt people and you know the head sheds policy, to be kind to our kith and kin.
    We must not kill people, only hurt them.
  12. here here bobos, doesn't exactly keep in the SA80 "shoot to seriously injure and psycologically scar" policy, does it?
  13. The idea was to have it radar controlled to fire clouds of bullets into the path of rockets, there by destroying them.
  14. unless the rockets themselves somehow traveled faster than the speed of light... then ur fucked.
  15. A 7.62mm placed neatly between the eyes would be more effective methinks!