0y 2eyb6ards b4ggered

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by wompingwillow, Aug 4, 2008.

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  1. any 5deas what 5 can d6 t6 f5x 5t, 5t's rather ann6y5ng



    ed5ted t6 say+ n6t dr6--ed any water 6n 5t, 14st s4dden3y started d65ng 5t t6n5ght/ 5ts an advent 3a-t6- 5f thats any he3-.
  2. Are you on a laptop with the numlock switched on? That would make you appear to type in hexadecimal.
  3. If it is a laptop, buy a cheap USB keyboard, you can even get them in 'small footprint' to match the size, but I prefer the anti-mongtype space available of a full-sized job.
  4. It looks like drunken Batco :)
  5. Thats the same problem I had on my other keyboard, albiet on a desktop.

    I just bought a new keyboard, try what still21inmymind suggested.
  6. you computer has finally started responding to the garbage you've been posting on here :D

    It appears that your numlock is on as default. Press and hold the FN key and then tap F11, if that doesnt work, hold FN and tap SCROLL, it depends on your keyboard layout, but that should solve it.
  7. what boney said
    try the FN key & F5 or F6 usually
  8. try using xp on board keyboard find in accessories as in on screen keyboard
  9. My wireless keyboard does similar things when the batteries are going flat, or when anything vaguely electronic is placed within a 3 mile radius of the usb receiver attachment thing (that probably has a right posh name)
  10. Jobs a goodun, keyboard was changed at PC world this morning.

    Thanks for your advice

  11. Your keyboard seems to have reached age 12, discovered the intertubes and decided to communicate in leet speak only. Nothing for it, but to wait 8 years until it grows out of it or buy a new one. ;)
  12. How much did they charge you to turn your Num Lk button off?

    If you look at your laptop keyboard the keys u,i,o,j,k,l,m all have numbers printed on them, a poor mand numeric keypad if you will.

    If you have the "Number Lock" button pressed they will act at number keys.

    If PC world have charged you to fix this you should get back round there with a baseball bat and DEMAND your money back!
  13. Dongle, I believe. Not to be confused with trongle or bongle.