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Listened to part of “ Money Box“ on R4 lunchtime today . Did not hear all of this part but it sounded very interesting . Currently HMRC charge 14p per minute when they hold you in a queue before answering your call . Their caller response is cr*p as I well know because I have yet another bit of a battle with them and have wasted time and money unsuccessfully to contact them using their 0845 number . Anyway it was suggested on R4 if you find out, I think , the international number to ring HMRC and then prefix with 141 you can make a call at a much reduced rate . Can anyone confirm the details …. as I say I only heard part of the broadcast . If this is correct presumably the technique will work for other organisations .
141 has nothing to do with the cost. It's the prefix which stops anyone using 1471 to find out what number you called from and also blocks caller ID. Apparently it doesn't work for mobiles though so beware.

The idea of using a land-line number instead of an 08*** number is well known and publicised on sites like this one SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers

Apparently the use of the 141 in this case is because if it is evident that you are calling from the UK the call will be blocked to force you to use the 0845 number. The site above has numbers for HMRC and says this "Self Assessment helpline
This is “overseas” number. Withhold your num (using 141) when calling from UK or else the call will be blocked. Expect to be told off for not using premium number!"

I've certainly used the site to call Sky on a land-line (included in my mobile contract) number instead of paying through the nose for the 0871 version


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I heard a Labour MP ranting about GP's surgeries using these numbers. They forgot to mention it was Labour that forced us to have them.
Thanks for responses so far ...will download the programme tomorrow and listen to all of it again so I can hear exactly what was said . It did seem a bit too good to be true .
I thought 0845 was charged at local rate when called from a land line, but more (ie 14p) when using a mobile.
I thought 0845 was charged at local rate when called from a land line, but more (ie 14p) when using a mobile.
That's exactly the problem for many of us with 0845. My mobile payment plan includes all 01 and 02 geographical numbers as part of the monthly cost but doesn't include 0845, for which I get charged more. Hence I often refer to the saynoto0871 site for an alternative number. Not so bad if the 0845 works after 7pm when my landline goes to ultra-cheap rate and it makes little difference which I use.
Well I downloaded the programme today … linky … BBC - Podcasts - Money Box … edition titled PPI Refunds 12 May … the intro mentions charges of up to 14P per min for 0845 numbers but see later . The section which explains the use of 141 starts at about 19.30 and is in association with using a Mobile Telephone . The later discussion about 0845 Numbers highlights the rate range for Mobiles which is much higher than the 10P per min for landline . Anyway one bit if good news as far as I am concerned Mrs B_R reminded me we had changed tariffs and we were no longer paying for daytime 0845 numbers . The HMRC service is still cr*p even though I now get free calls to them .
There is a Say no to 0870 app. I used it this morning to phone my car insurer on their Cardiff land line (inclusive minutes) rather than their 0845 number at 8 pence a minute thus saving myself a quid or so. Have used it to call power company etc as well

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