06 Feb 08 @ 2230hrs - ITV1 now!

Jeff Randall is covering the credit crunch and the implications for those who live life on the never-never.

No mention yet made of Tony, Gordon and Alastair, but I am certain they will feature! :D

Not up to his usual standard, IMHO! I should have realised when the photograph of the very tarty blonde appeared next to his regular column in the Telegraph - and she appeared in the programme - with only £41k of unsecured debt!

Lots of gloom and doom - lots of "it wasn't me wot spent it, Guv", lots of high levels of student debt, and one family thrown out onto the streets by the bailiffs.

Good television? Informative? I think not. And not a mention of the primary culprits - Tony and Gordon.

So you didn't miss anything.