Just wondering if any of you have recieved a call from this number regarding your army application?
I have had several missed calls from this number and they leave no message. So i thought i will type it into google and what do you know, a lot of people have said its a scam when you call them back it charges you ridiculous amounts of money, but one guy said the goverment and charities use this service and he was joining the army and they called to ask him about his application from the above number.
Missing a digit?
i have had this call aswell...also they keep ringing back after i explained how far in to the process i am, but when they ring back its a guy from 'telemarketing' or something, i just hung up ignore when they ring...god nos who they are.
It is a standard rate call, according to my VOIP telephone call to that number. It cost me 5p.

The message states that "Thank you for calling us back. We are a marketing agency, appointed by charities, goverment bodies and business to undertake calls on their behalf. Please be assured that there is no urgency to our call...."

Despite the fact that it is a legal requirement for them to identify themselves by name, this is just a cold selling operation/"market research" outfit. The person who said it cost them £10 is either on acid or certifiable. It is a Cardiff prefix, and I'm a bit amazed that some else didn't check it out with Skype or whatever.

Nothing to worry about, move on, nothing to see here or get hysterical about.

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