02 XDA

For sale 1 x 02 XDA 2 Microsoft palm top / mobile phone

Pocket word
Pocket excel
Comprehensive note pad and contact list
Sync cable to PC
Desktop charger
Ear piece / Handsfree
Integrated 640x480 pixels digital camera and full multimedia messaging functionality
tri-band capability to enable seamless use worldwide
128MB RAM Memory (up from 64MB)
Bluetooth capability

Will work with any O2 Contract or Pre pay Sim card ( Prepay sim can be supllied if needed}

Bargain Price of £135 including Registered Delivery.

Full Technical Spec from o2 :


Mind you the cameras in models prior to the XDA IIi are a bit ropey otherwise they are fantastic device especially when teamed up with a bluetooth gps and sat-nav / safety camera location software.

also consider a few larger capacity SD cards and possibly a SDIO WiFi card.

If you buy his XDA and need more software / advice on using it to its full potential drop me a pm.
Mmmm it could be for sale, but I've since aquired the Tom Tom Sat Nav software and a Blue tooth GPS

Any good? obviously the price has changed in an upward fashion to cater for this
Since Tom Tom is no good for me in this part of the world, as it seems to be Nav man they use down here, i will take it off ya hands for 150 including pack and postage

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