Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Von-Thomas, Dec 5, 2007.

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  1. Be polite 1st post.

    Coming to the end of my service and looking towards getting a job with O2. I've worked with their AIRWAVE team and they seem a good bunch. Anyone had any experience with them, good employer, etc?
  2. not direct work with airwave, but im using the same tetra/dimetra kit supplied by motorola to the london underground.
    If your gonna do this for re-settlement the entire course from base radio faulting up to system manager status will take 6-8 weeks.

    most civvy companyied are getting/have got this kit now.
    police/fire/ambi/ bus companies/railways etc... theres money to be made. principles are very similar to GSM and prat-migan
    there are worse jobs to be involved in.. i say get in there with airwaves and dont look back :D
  3. I worked for O2 for 8 years until 2005. I enjoyed it and thought they were a pretty good company to work for.
    What are you interested in doing? Because the field ops guys are sub-contracted from BT (or they were 2 years ago). And all the rigging and site build etc is done by sub-contractors also.
  4. Comms/Systems/Service Management
  5. Hi Bud,
    Moving into the Tetra arena is probably a good thing if you can get in. There isn't much growth in the cellular world employment wise (I was 'downsized' last year), and am now working alongside Airwave running a managed service contract for Greater Manchester Police. The Tetra standard is getting more popular amongst all sorts of organisations, not just the public safety ones you'd associate with it - now being used by the utilities etc.
    So, good luck with your job search! Hope it all goes well
  6. I'll back up JT on the mobile world. Things in the uk are pretty dead and unless everybody suddenly buys a 3g handset looking to stay that way. There is plenty of work abroad for mobile. I'd have a look around do some investigation into what you think may be the next big thing in comms UK wise and go from there. Railtrack are rolling out a new GSM_R network and this is also a europe standard, so a lot of work around there. I believe TETRA is also a europe wide standard. There's WI-fi networks popping up now, some are being built by councils and some by private investor. etc etc. Have a look about you'll be surprised by how many companies do comms related stuff. Also as your ex-sigs you have access to one of the best job clubs in the telecoms world.
  7. I worked as a field enginner on the Airwave PSRCP TETRA project for 3 years and enjoyed it all. Basically every Police Force in Britain was brought onto the system, the next step was to bring the Fire,Ambulance and BTP onto the system. This has been ongoing for the last 2-3 years. Airwave still have work to do but I don't think they are recruiting at the mo.
    I can confirm the comments earlier ref mobile telco's tightening their belts, I've moved back into the rigging world and its a bit dire at the moment although we are getting work trickling through, including SDH Microwave links for the Airwave GBNR on the TETRA system!
    Getting some Cisco training under your belt won't do you any harm, combined with you comms knowledge, you'll have a broader skills set.
    The first quarter of each year is usually quiet/slow so don't be disheartened if you're not getting replies or offers, Keep sending your CV out and don't sell yourself cheap, keep your "can do" attitude, you are one of the elite and the comms world is run by ex-bleeps who know your worth.
  8. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Worked for O2 twice, in London and up North. London was staffed by grade A ******* but the guys up North were great. I guess it depends on which office you end up with. Good luck with it but don't restrict yourself to one company, shop around and as has been said, don't sell yourself short.
  9. No Longer part of o2. They sold them for 2 billion.

    Now just Airwave. (well Airwave Solutions)
  10. Airwave now called Arqiva(or something similar),owned I believe by an Australian bank.However,tetra in several flavours,is being rolled out in UK.PSNI own their own tetra network,but that may be a closed shop? You could also speak with EADS in Wales,who purchased the Nokia tetra network equipment business.The railway version of GSM(GSM-R) is now rolling out.To do this work you may also need a trackside working certificate,but in future the APT protection system on trains,is supposed to rely on GSM-R!!!
  11. Arquiva are not Airwave, and vice versa.

    MacQuarie are the Australian Banking company that bought Airwave, they also own Arquiva and the M6 Toll road.
    Airwave is a stand alone entity from any of its other telco properties. NGW being one (National Grid Wireless.) And only Airwave have a UK Wide network. over 3500 sites covering all Police forces. Fire Link and Ambulance are going onboard over the next year. Also BTP, Land Army MODP and other users are on board ....
  12. To be honest, it's a bit of a mystery to me to - I left as a full screw, Tele Op TG (RTG to all us old blokes), yet seem to have worked my way into management, much to my occasional bewilderment. I can only put it down to the Corps teaching me how to be organised, look after small teams and all that stuff, and that gave me the basis for everything that has happened since, and now I am responsible for a whole Police Forces radio comms provision and their Command and Control equipment. God only knows how, but hey, the Corps must teach you something, and I guess I just apply it all in a slightly different way. All the financial stuff you need to know for this kind of role you pick up as you go along, and at the same time I am putting myself through an MBA course with Leicester University. So don't worry too much, there's some good jobs out here for us, and not just the techy types - the operators can get into management roles - we seem to be more suited (not that techs can't do the management roles either, but there seems to be a general split in my experience thus far).
    Good luck to everyone hanging up their beret for the last time and moving out into Civ Div, yes, it is scary, but you'll transfer your skills into areas where you never thought you would end up going, just remember not to restrict your horizons!
  13. Just to add to JT's comment. I left 7 years ago as a class 2 Tg full screw and am doing all right.
    Currently project managing the roll out for a number of users onto airwave after differing roles in field services and on site support engineering all within tetra and dispatcher systems.
    It doesn't matter what you think you used to know but how much they think you know now.

    There are some things that you do in the forces as a matter of course that is highly rated in civvy street or any of the other uniform services because it is rare enough for them to find.
    I still tip up 5 minutes early and am left waiting for some of my counterparts half hour later with the users tapping their fingers in annoyance.

    Good luck to you all if you are deciding to leave and again, dont sell yourself short in interview.
  14. your job sounds similar to mine where are you working?

    OH BTW is anyone here involved in GSM_R?
    ive got my PTS and im always on the snoop :D