Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Dale the snail, May 11, 2006.

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  1. OK, I have 28 nations, am UN delegate, the founder won't reply to me on how to get Regional Control, and I have someone offering to look after the military and INTEL (but they can't spell) - help me out here someone, or shall we just all go back home and move to somewhere else?

    It's only a plaything for when "home" gets broken, but some of the telegrams I get are very very funny.

    BTW, Humping Kangaroos, the photo is not really me.
  2. Someone seems to have endorsed me, fcuk knows why. Im not fussed Dale, wherever we can cause some mayhem, otherwise I dont mind.

  3. Jeysus, you really are thick. Mrs Miggins endorsed you. Think about it..........
  4. Probly (spelling?) me.
  5. Oh Oh, I am upsetting everyone today.............

    Can anyone give me a clue???
  6. If you can't get regional responsibility is it worth staying there! lets move on to pastures new and cause some havoc on route!
  7. It's my day off,

    Jesus. :p
  8. Im not thick sluggy, im special. Theres a difference.

    Anyways, new targets, any options?
  9. I am thinking about taking the arrse troops home again. Someone got a SERIOUS bag on and blocked my IP from home.........

    Shame they couldn't block all of them. Hehehe.
  10. OK, I have got regional control now, so can any arrsers in 14 Os who haven't already endorsed me, make themselves known, or you are out on the street.
  11. I have just joined, can I have the password...
  12. Just transferred in from WestPac, have endorsed all current UN members