“Auditors” - a simple poll of the membership.

Considering the practice of “auditing” official locations - Police, Military, Prisons etc - are you:

  • Comfortable with it

  • Not comfortable with it

Results are only viewable after voting.
Imagine now with that fat moron complete with phone camera knowing his rights, the Police Officer had just attended and been the first on the scene of a terrible accident, you cannot just walk away from that

Theres a clip that I cant find at the moment, where some moron (Dont know if he was fat) is recording a female copper talking to what looks like a builder/roadworker at an incident, she politely asks him to to stand back so they can have a private conversation and cuntybollocks states something along the lines of she have no right of privacy.

The builder/roadworker doesnt have to be so polite, gives cuntybollocks a warning, then launches his phone, cuntybollocks is heard appealing to the cop for help.
I’m comfortable with it.

I’ve only seen the odd thing shared, but isn’t it just people filming locations which are already in public view, I.e. the main gate of a camp etc, so they aren’t really doing anything other than winding some people up who don’t understand the law about filming in a public place?

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