‘Skin dermatitis’ on Medical forms

Alright Chaps,

Filled out the medical forms with the GP today to be sent off. The one and only thing that was put on my form was about me coming to the docs once 2 years ago about dry, cracked skin on my hands. It happened only once, cleared up immediately and nothing like since - the doc wrote this pretty much on the forms , but it’s still on there. The doc said it wasn’t eczema or ‘occupational dermatitis’ (the two disqualify conditions which are on the forms), but put it down as ‘skin dermatitis’. Do you guys reckon my application to join the AR is screwed? Hoping because it was an isolated case, not a chronic issue, and that it’s not eczema or occupational dermatitis that it will be okay. Pretty bummed as I work in a laboratory and so I need to wash my hands constantly - and this was a result of that. No body I know in my work doesn’t have to take care of their hands to not get ‘skin dermatitis’.
Alright mate,you heard out from them yet? I sent my appeal off few days ago as I was rejected for having ezcema in my childhood/teen hoood,haven’t used steroid cream for 4 yrs,ezcema just faded away when I hit 16,fingers crossed I get accepted

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