Sex: Hide the sausage.
Horizontal Haka.(NZ)

Puking: Driving the porcelain bus.
Parking the tiger.

Crapping: Snapping one off.
Sending one down to Bondi "sewage outfall" (OZ)

Anyone care to add :?:
so much to say, so little time.....
how about,
its a bit pearl harbour outside = nasty nip in the air.
its all gone pete tong = its all gone wrong

times up for me, gotta go
Crimping off a length = snapping one off

Coiling one down = snapping one off

But don't these all ultimately derive from Bazza McKenzie and the good old days of pointing percy at the pommy porcelain and so on?
Euphemisms surely?

"Releasing the otters" – taking a dump

"Potting the difficult brown rather than the easy pink" – ARRSE shagging
"Changing at Baker Street" (for northerners - going from pink Hammersmith & City to brown Bakerloo line tube) as above :wink:
Jesus Oz

'Changing at Baker street' Not only do you need a detailed understanding of the London Underground but you need to know the colour coding.
Drop the kids off at the pool

"Ein Neger abseilen." 8O
shortfuse said:
"she bangs like a belt fed mortar" to describe a young lady of loose morals.
she bangs like a shite house door in gale to describe the same

i was sweating like a peody in a playground= i am very hot
"Turtles Breath"

The absolutely last fart you can do, before you have to have that big sh*t. Sometimes known as a "Hooberstank", it's the one that removes all the remaining air in your rectum, leaving nothing but faeces. An xray of your back passage at this stage would look like a vacuum packed bratty.

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