“European Sharking” - not the behaviour we would condone!

I don’t think this appeared on ARRSE before. I “searched” ARRSE for “European Sharking” and found nothing!

I “searched” ARRSE for just “Sharking” and have scanned all 29 results - which just seem to refer to “pulling birds“.

None of the 29 results had any resemblance to the “European Sharking” as portrayed at the link below.

It always brings a smile to my face - although, of course, not the kind of behaviour anyone here would condone!

Oh, you mean sexual assault!


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That's pretty horrendous. Yes, I know it's the NAAFI, and I'm not slagging off the fact that we are talking about it on here but, no, er, actually . . . . BUT (and it's a big one, see?) this is wrong on many levels.

First off: Yep, it's sexual assault that can terrify young (or even the fat old mong at the end of the vid) women - that's wrong.

Secondly: WTF do you want to do a thing like that for? If these (it would seem, rather fit) young ladies are assaulted for dressing sexily when they go out, what do you think is going to happen eh? Well, I'll tell you! The next time you see them, rather than providing us letches with rather nice eye-candy and the incentive to go and chat them up, they'll be dressed down in roll-neck sweaters, baggy jeans, trainers and shades.

This is a lose-lose situation for everyone apart from the pre-pubescent w@nkers (rather than us old w@nkers) who get off on giving rather fit young women the frights of their lives!



I found it quite funny actually. I'm off down to Darlo this afternoon to try my hand!
Biscuits_AB said:
I found it quite funny actually. I'm off down to Darlo this afternoon to try my hand!
Remember to wear the "Hoody" (Surely you're not going down there dressed in a "tube" top and mini skirt! NO, too terrible to even contemplate).
:twisted: Used to do this a lot in the 80s........ :oops: Got out last year

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