Punctuation keeps being replaced by ’

Why? and can you please stop it
It is a problem related to the character set of the database tables. Our database was born long ago and the software has changed a lot since - the two had been 'bodged' to run together until now.

BCO spent all of yesterday trying to fix it and there is obviously something that hasn't quite worked.

We will fix it, but neither of us has permission to spend today on the site so it will have to wait until this evening or tomorrow. Sorry.
Hmm - all seems fine to me ...... running along my keyboard:


Could you point me at a post where this is happening or what you typed in to get ’


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This often happens whe you use the Pound sign - £.

Does that help?
I'm hoping that the changes I've made should prevent this happening any more. Legs, I note that your post has displayed the £ sign correctly - as did mine!


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It happens in my sig block. Only started yesterday though.


It was the apostrophes in your sig Sixty. They look fine now.

Go on BCO - back to Bank Holiday fun with the family :)
Hmm, a legacy issue I think. Probably the only option in these cases is to change them manually. Hopefully this will never need to be done again though as finally we are on UTF 8.

Sixty - I've done yours for you!
i used to get it when creating a poll - if you put ' or " in the options, it used to do the funny symbol thingy instead. don't know if it does any more though.
Thanks - there definitely used to be a problem with polls. I have fixed the vast majority of the titles but the options will have to stay as they are for the time being. The big plus is that there shouldn't be any more problems with the options!
There are a few of these funny symbols in this thread, which I don't recall seeing when the posts were made.


It looks as if the apostrophe might be a problem.

Certo_Cito's post (4 from the bottom of first page) has lots of funny characters. I can't read German, but don't think it looked that bizarre when he posted it.
You are right, following the conversion quite a lot of symbols have become corrupt. It has always been my intention to do a find and replace but this is a massive task and will need to be done in bits ....... when I can find the time and enthusiasm!

The main thing is that from now on new posts & threads will be fine ....

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