‘The Real Dads Army’

For any who missed it or want to see it again, Channel 4 are repeating this 3 part 2006 docu with part 1 on Sat 10th at 20:00.

The title is a bit ambiguous as, (for any who haven’t seen it before), it deals with the Auxiliary Units of, for cover purposes, the Home Guard. The AU being an expendable covert organisation to operate in the event of invasion and claim the title of the only Resistance to be formed before occupation - and, of course, they were British. :salut:

Damn! Going to miss it as I'm away training.
littlejim said:
Peter Fleming -- Ian Fleming's brother -- was also in the AU. In fact, he helped found it. But Peter Fleming had a career that made James Bond look like a boy scout.
I'm just in the middle of reading his book on Operation Sea Lion at the moment. A very fine read.
No.9 said:
"Damn! Going to miss it as I'm away training."
Do you, or a mate, not have a recording device Boom :?

Nope. Do channel 4 have a thing where you can watch online?

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