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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Woodman, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Whilst on the tube this morning I noticed in someone else's Metro that the TA was running a 'TA Fit to Work' campaign. It's obviously to raise our profile but does anyone know more about this?
  2. There was an ad on TV last night featuring a whole range of activities I have yet to have the opportunity to take part in (white water rafting, skiing, tiddlywinks etc)

    The article in Metro this morning featured a photograph depicting two chaps doing press ups, something I recognise more quickly as being part of my TA experience.
  3. There was something about it on BBC1 this morning too, looks like some kind of campaign to work off the Christmas flab for the office bound.
  4. If you look in the Metro pic, theres also a pic of some fat split arse with a scruffy smock, no head gear on and hands in pockets.. :x :x :x

    No need for that.

    T C
  5. I tipped them off about you Woodman - they were on the lookout for an overweight, unfit, city type! And what's with the tube, too far to walk this morning?!
  6. I noticed it too, both on the BBC and in the Metro, but I cannot find anything else about it. Nothing obvious on the TA website, tried google - nada.

    Someone had a great idea here and obviously managed to get some good PR out of it, but where is the follow-up? e.g. website link etc etc. Would have been great to have had a URL to go to that expanded on the theme and at the same time plugged the TA , join us and keep fit...

    Every unit with a website could have had a link to it or used the same content etc etc.

    Sorry for the rant, but we MUST maximise these opportunities to capitalise on this sort of good positive publicity.

    Good idea - poor execution
  7. A Territorial PTI was interviewed on Radio 5 Live this morning - managed to get Nicky Campbell and crew to do exercises in the studio, much to their amusement. The PTI was apparently dressed in standard PTI garb, bulging biceps and all that, was TA through and through, and came over very well - give that man a star.

    The web site is www.armyfit.mod.uk and he played it well - you sign up for a fitness regime and funny old thing, you may join the TA once you get the taste for being fit.

    After he'd left, the studio team were complimentary about our man and the exercises he'd got them doing - that's success.
  8. I would say success is ultimately measured in whether the TA gets any new joiners because of the campaign as i assume that is/was the purpose of it.
  9. Thanks COS1SigBde and it's a good website too. Glad to hear Radio 5 Live got a good beasting too!

    Just wish it had been easier to find. The marketing message is not consistent - if we are calling it "TA Fit to Work", then that should be used through out and on all material, electronic, printed, on ads, PR etc. Or use Google Keywords, TA Fitness, TA Fit to Work, Army Fitness.... They cost b*gger all to do!

    Then numbnuts like me looking for more info will find it quickly, easily and may then follw-up.

    (and relax...)
  10. I watched the report on BBC 1 this morning, i forget who the PTI Instructor was that they interviewed, but he was demonstrating simple sit ups, press ups and the like, and suggesting people take the stairs, park on the other side of the carpark ect.
    Its a good idea, (Bit of free ((Needed)) advertising for us TA lot an' all!) but i doubt it will stick in normal peoples minds for too long, unfortunatly.

    Could always kill the supply to the lifts in every office, and give special keys to less-abled persons, surely?

    Id like to go with my unit to some local colleges and run some PTI days, again its free advertising and it looks good on us!
  11. Didn't they run a similar campaign a couple of years ago?
  12. Well. Not all soap stars, obviously.
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