‘special skills’ entry?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Morpeth, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. Advice greatly appreciated;

    To summarise: I am a qualified Architect aged 26 – qualification takes a minimum of 7 years at university so my age is inevitable. I am looking at the possibility of joining the forces at officer level with the intention of using my ‘special skills’ (I think you will follow), fully aware that I am above regular maximum age of entry (or so I understand). Is anyone aware of a particular branch of the armed forces that looks for an architect’s skills (or architects full stop), or is work out-sourced?


    Matt :D
  2. Last time I checked officer entry was 29. Waiting to be told I'm a biff...
  3. Apologies, I was referencing from RM;

    Direct entrants should be between 17 and 26 on the first day of the month of entry. Maximum age limits vary depending on the specialism but late entry is rare.

    Pleased to be corrected!!
  4. To my knowlege, despite your reference, the age limit for Sandhurst is 29.

    I am an infantryman, so know little of specialist skills - a bomb, bullet or bayonet are all cheap, efficient and simple ways of dispatching the Queen's enemies.

    I do know though, that Architects are not in demand. The RE do have project specialists and draughtsmen. But not as officers.

    Officers exist to lead men in varying capacities. Your technical drawing ability may come in useful as an engineer officer. But many more things are much more important - namely your aptitude to lead, intelligence, fitness, and stamina.

    You may have a lot to offer the Army as a general officer. In return it will be very rewarding. I doubt that I will renumerate you in line with your peers though. Also, if you have spent 7 years developing a skill, I strongly suspect that you will need to exercise it for your own professional pride and personal fulfilment. The Army will not give you this opportunity at RMAS or as a young officer at the very least.

    There are many good reasons to join the Army and lead men on operations. But to use a very specific skill while wearing DPM isn't one of them. Be sure of your reasons for joining!

    Why not consider the TA, which may enable you to work as an architect and get value and fulfillment from your 7 years, while also giving you the chance to get your kicks with explosives your spare time. I believe that the RE(v) has a small dedicated Corps for the purpose. Ask on the RE forum or click about the RE page on www.army.mod.uk.

    Just my uneducated 2p worth

  5. With an Engineering based background the Royal Engineers would bite your arm off.

    I had a couple of troop commanders, one who had a degree in zoology he was put in charge of "zoo troop" where all the squadron's "Animals" were decanted. and another a degree in Geography (He was still Cr@p with a map! :D )
  6. This is an Army forum mate, if you want to join the Royal Marines then you should ask in the RM forum, they will be able you advise you better but I think the answer will be no and they have absolutely no need for an architect, What do you think that the RM actually do?

    If you want to join the army however then your skills may be useful and the age limit is 29.

  7. Woooo! that told him then!
  8. AFAIK nobody is specifically looking for architects within the Forces, which is not to say that a technical degree is not sought after by a fair number of Corps but if being a full time architect is what you want then I suggest that joining the Armed Forces is not for you.

    I am sure that there will be some posts within the RE where your skills will be extremely appreciated but joining with an aspiration to use those skills full time would be unwise - the TA on the other hand may be crying out for such a specialism.
  9. If you had seen any military base, you'd realise we don't think about that sort of thing! Ugly buildings are a speciality. Architect - nothing we have as Officers in any Service. If you want to join the Army, then join - if you want to be an architect, go be an architect.

    Are you bored or has the market dried up in this economic downturn?
  10. Thanks for the feedback, especially Charlie_Cong and Unlucky_Alf who answered with (inadvertently on my part) just what I wanted to know.

    With reference to some of the other posts, I had hoped to gauge if the transfer of skills would we applicable to any particular role, I asked because I didn’t know the answer, now I do… so posting this was worthwhile.

    No. Place the Daily Mail back on the coffee table.
  11. It was a serious question. I'd not get qualified as an architect then look at the Army unless I was bored with the world of architecture or I wasn't finding anywhere to go with it. People don't see it as a natural progression, so I picked 2 reasons I thought most likely for a person to make such a move.
  12. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Are you a marine architect?

    With an MBIAT or whatever ticket you could usefully sketch plans in AutoCad for wooden thunderboxs, or plan Hesco barrier layouts with elevations showing nice, bushy trees - Royal Engineers could advise.

    Otherwise your sector is in deep kaka for the forseeable future - but you already know that ......
  13. I'm sure you'l find an answer in the grand design of things.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    My suggestion would be stick with civilian architecture but join the RE TA. I suspect that your civilian skills could be put to best use by the army on an 'as needed' basis.
  15. As you claim to be a young Infantryman of poor means, I too doubt your ability to employ! If your name is Gordon, the reason behind your inability to renumerate competetively would be due to your woeful underfunding of the MoD you twAt.