‘For fathers and older son’s only’

No, not ‘Ask the Family’, but if you remember that you should know who Peter Green is.

Tomorrow, Friday 08 May, BBC4 TV at 21:30hrs



No.9 said:
No, not ‘Ask the Family’, but if you remember that you should know who Peter Green is.

Tomorrow, Friday 08 May, BBC4 TV at 21:30hrs

Many thanks for that - Iv'e used to drag the Kitchen Gestapo to all his concerts that started up a couple of years ago and then he had another breakdown and disappeared.
Ooh, shades of Age Concern R’n’B? Fears of getting off on tubby, balding middle-aged music – or worse? Worried about being exposed to real musicians? 8O

It’s all a bygone era, with an enduring legacy. Then, every successive money spending generation demands something ‘new’ and particular to them which they identify with. Good, bad, indifferent or utterly lacking in originality or ‘classic’ (for want of a better term) talent is irrelevant. They’re what the money men want and they sell, so, they ‘must’ be good?

Peter Green was one of those at the cutting edge of British Blues when it was in the ascendancy. There certainly were others, but then at that time there was an unprecedented large pool to evolve from. Quite true in the 60s it was ‘impossible to throw a brick down a crowded High Street without hitting a musician’. Most probably struggled with three chords, if they got that far, but that’s not the point.

At least Green penned, and played, some classics which guarantee his immortality. His personal problems are tragic, but by no means unique. Even among the FM originals he arguable faired better than Danny Kirwan who apparently now drifts from street to hostel. Jeremy Spencer never got the breaks or accolade due him – such is the game. But, he’s still playing and sounding doggies do-dahs, so check the net!

A dip into YouTube turned-up http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&v=btgwtqHMFE4
Nice, but, had to do a double take on his accompanist as it’s my good ‘ole ‘haven’t seen for years’ mate, Dave Briggs. Now there’s another example of an utter top guitarist who’s dedicated his life to six strings and never reached the fame and fortune deserved – and still reminds me of Harpo 8O :D


ps. if you are into tubby, balding middle-aged guitarists on YouTube, playing at home, try http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAJjyQU2tcM&feature=related


No Peter Green...no Gary Moore? 8O The 1959 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst Guitar, used on Albatross and wrongly repaired by someone, but actually giving it that nasal sound , was sold to Gary, who used it right up until he was forced to sell it for £500K , perhaps to pay for a Tour. Green is said to have forgotten that he sold this guitar to Gary.
Know what you mean about YouTube, elovabloke. You start trying some of their related suggestions and find all sorts. Always expect to find various, but can never understand how, why, some embarrass themselves with utter cr@p, which, they're not doing for a larff???

Of curio interest, you know the hammer-on style sometimes used, how about Takakazu Nakamura going full on with both hands 8O
(thinks: must have a hell of a good Noise Gate with the gain cranked that high?)
Have to say I have seen a British classical guitarist I found more impressive as he used both hands equally and simultaneously on a classical guitar to play accompaniment to the melody - just like a piano. Wish I could remember his name? :(

Linking on, how about this other, older, Nakamura cracking the Ventures arrangement of Slaughter on 10th Ave? He's got all the technique - but is he interested? :D

Put me in mind of the Cougars - and found them too 8O :D

Good content, sad story unfortunately not unique, appalling sound – question-mark broadcast quality?

Interesting to hear the actual version of ‘shooting the accountant’. I remember at the time the ‘word on the street’ maintained Green was living in a country house and said accountant was marching up the drive to deliver a cheque for royalties when Green chased him off with an air-rifle because he didn’t want any more money? That’s Chinese whispers for you. 8O

Have we got a cushty little geetar afficionado corner here? Count me in. I love my Black 1980 Gibson LP Std. Sustain that Nigel Tufnell would be proud of.

Peter Green is awesome. I've been making my son listen to the blues. A recent favourite is "You don't love me" with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. Gleaming.
PoisonDwarf - "I love my Black 1980 Gibson LP Std. Sustain that Nigel Tufnell would be proud of."
:? So how come you got a FV in your ava thing?

I was told the 'best' guitar is like the 'best' wine and the 'best' joke. It's whatever you like and whatever works for you. :wink:


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