‘British Soldier’ launched in Gosport by the Lord Lieutenant

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 11D, May 12, 2008.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    ‘British Soldier’, the Army Sailing Association’s Archambault 40 was officially named and launched at Fort Blockhouse in Gosport on Friday.

    The Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Mrs Mary Fagan was guest of honour and conducted the naming and launching ceremony in the time honoured tradition by cracking a bottle of champagne across the bow. Also in attendance was General John Kiszely, Admiral of the Army sailing Association. ‘British Soldier’ was blessed by Padre Jim Aitchison. After the ceremony, there was a spectacular fly-past by the Army Air Corps’ helicopter aerobatic display team.

    British Soldier is the first ever, Services yacht to be selected for the British Rolex Commodore’s Cup Team. This year, the Army Sailing Team will also compete in the Royal Ocean Racing Club’s offshore points series, including The Cowes-Madeira-Cowes Race in August.
    Next year, the Army Sailing Association will take part in TRANSGLOBE, sailing around the world and competing at prestigious events such as Antigua Week and The Rolex Sydney Hobart.

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  2. Gives skiffing a whole new meaning. ;)

    But whoever chose those sails needs to think again; they are fcuking ugly!
  3. Surely a can of Lager would havebeen more appropriate :!:
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    She looks great - look forward to seeing her out and about in the Solent. Presume much of the racing will be done there. Where will she be kept - are you getting a secong mooring in Southampton water?
  5. Transglobal on a 40ftr? No thanks chef I´m full!

    Nothing shorter than a 55 for me!!!

    And even though I like Dasher, Greyhound and Kukri (spelt wrong in the name too), my hear is forever with Flamingo and Kranach.
  6. I read the title to this thread and thought there had been a fight!!!
  7. I'm with you,to short,nowhere to go for a pee. :wink:

    Sailed in the old British Soldier (ex Qualo 3,round the worlder),and HMSTY Kukri in the 70's,sailed them both into Belfast,Kukri in 77,and Brit Soldier in 78,having stopped of in the IOM for Jubilee Day,Happy Days. :)
  8. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Ex TRANSGLOBE will be made on a Challenge 67 Yacht. More details available through the relevant DIN or www.sailarmy.mod.uk

    No extra mooring in Southampton. Her home port if you like is Fort Blockhouse with the other ASA yachts. She will re-locate for other regattas. A full programme can be found at the website listed below.

    What is particulalry worthy of note is the fact that she and her crew have qualified to represent Team GBR in this years Rolex Commodores Cup (http://www.rorc.org/comcup/). Your support and backing is much appreciated.

    The mainsail on the boat in the photo is the offshore main. The slightly better looking inshore main can be found in the attachment below.

    We are still looking for sponsorship for this season and over the next 2 - 3 years. Interested parties are requested to consult the information found at the Army Racing Web page: http://www.army.mod.uk/asa/racing/index.htm


  9. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Inshore Main Sail

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  10. Mrs Mary Fagan is also a hell of a character - both an Hon Col (TA RA Regt I think) and an Hon Capt RNR.

    Her husband realised a few million a couple of years back selling the Yanks back some colours that an ancestor had relived them of in the Revolutionary Wars.

    They lost a son serving with the Grenadiers in an RTA.

    Edited to remove Dickensian Slip
  11. And they get very upset with people who confuse them with the Dickens character, Bailey. ;)
  12. Agreed, shes a great girl, has a lot of time for us gawd bless 'er
  13. Yeah I agree, they shouldhave carbon sails in sexy black not shite coloured kevlar!!

    Looks like I might have to join the ASA, to go for a few blasts on it :D

  14. Well she certainly cuts a dashing line! Can she take a spinnaker up her? If not... seeing as how's she's Army...

    I'm sure we could get her drunk and jerry rig something up with some black nasty ;)