Освобождение/Liberation -PROBABLY THE BIGGEST WW2 FILM EVER!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Dashing_Chap, May 16, 2009.

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    I'm currently dating a young Russian lady and she told me to check out some of the old Soviet films on youtube. I vaguely remembered hearing about a wartime film entitled: Liberation so I decided to do a search for it.

    I've managed to find the whole film under its Russian title & have included all the links below. It seems that the film is shown in 5 series with some of the historical parts in black and white and the rest in colour, which was a little confusing at first.

    The film is an epic, I cannot emphasise this enough, it's a work of art that puts any of our efforts on WW2 film to shame and it's a pity that such a masterpiece is almost unheard of in the West. I think the only film from the UK/US that could compete with it would be The Battle of Britain. The battle scenes are truly immense with tanks, aircraft and pyrotechnics galore, I've never see anything quite like it, just click any of the links and you'll find something to admire. The film itself is several hours long and was usually shown on Victory Day. I haven't even watched it all myself yet so I can't really give a full review, but after viewing a few clips I thought I must share it with the community asap.


    The Great Battle (1969) - IMDb



    I believe you can watch the entire Russian version in sequence here:

    Bearing in mind that bit is just the first part and there's 5 in total.

    It's better to "acquire" an English subtitled download via bittorrent, which is freely available on the internet, it may take a while to download but it's well worth it.

    ++++++++++[UPDATE 2012]++++++++++

    I've watched the whole thing over a period of a few days, I highly recommend this film for WWII buffs. Bearing in mind it was made in 1969/1970, it makes our own films of the time appear utterly inconsequential. Kelly's Heroes etc don't even begin to compare.

    The battle sequences are vast and the fighting scenes are well directed and exciting. It's best to download or acquire the movie with subtitles.

    The historical scenes are all filmed in black and white whilst the fictional ones based on history are filmed in colour. They even had Zhukov and other main players at the film to give military advice, people who're German soilders are actually Germans, the same for Polish, French Romanian etc.

    It's too long for one sitting, but definitely worth seeing as a film series. Now I've seen it it's probably marked as one of my favourite WWII films ever.

  2. In comparison to BoB it seems both overly long and devoid of Susannah York in webbing :D
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  3. This may be true sir, but I’m sure the immense battle sequences might make up for it, I’ve been searching in vain for the elusive Russian womens sniper divisions, I’m sure there’s some fine fillies in there somewhere though! :)
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Impress her with your knowledge of Russian Cinema by asking about The Irony of Fate (Ironiya Sudsboi).


  5. I must confess I haven’t heard of that one, sounds rather romantic though. I haven’t dared to make my consort with her too well known as I think quite highly of her, probably the most accomplished girlie thus far. I hope to go one further than Hitler & Napoleon, they made the fundamental mistake of invading Russia from the front, but due to my military genius, I shall invade from behind… :lol:

  6. Bump for update, it's possible to download the whole movie with English subtitles now on a well known piratey sort of website - Yarrh rum and the lash etc.

    Might want to search for "Osvobozhdenie [Liberation] (1969)"
  7. doublepost
  8. Liberation (1970) pt. 1 - Video Dailymotion

    First half of movie available with English subtitles above ^

    Liberation (1970) pt. 2 - Video Dailymotion
    2nd half

    Liberation (1970) pt. 3 - Video Dailymotion
    3rd half

    Liberation (1970) pt. 4 - Video Dailymotion
    4th half

    Liberation (1970) pt. 5 - Video Dailymotion
    5th half

    Liberation (1970) pt. 6 - Video Dailymotion
    6th half

    Liberation (1970) pt. 7 - Video Dailymotion
    7th half

    Liberation (1970) pt. 8 - Video Dailymotion
    8th & last part of the movie.

    Each bit is about an hour or so long, the first part is the start of the German invasion and the last is the massive attack on Berlin. You can click on any part of the series and get a decent war movie, tho the first part is the big build up. All the parts filmed in black and white represent famous historical facts from Hitler/Stalin et al.

    If anyone knows the military march on 52:00 of part 3 I'd be interested to know.

    BTW is there any way to change the title? The thread name appears a bit weird in the Top 50 list.