École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr (british overseas officer cadets)

Discussion in 'Officers' started by atticusfinch111, Apr 29, 2017.

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  1. hello,

    I am aware that there have been a few notable foreign cadets at RMAS who have later gone back to serve their respective countries. I was wondering whether it was possible for British citizens to do the opposite, to go to for example, the French equivalent of RMAS, École spéciale militaire de Saint-Cyr, or any other officer training school as overseas cadets, and then return to the British Army upon completion. Notable advantages of going through the French system would be both mastering the language and gaining an official degree, something that RMAS doesn't give you.

    thanks for any help
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  2. Do you mean for the whole course or as an exchange?
  3. the whole course.
  4. I know of one Arsse member who did the St Cyr course, passed out, then went on to RMAS.
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  5. Go on, tell us that they got put on RowCo in between, for that full masochism experience...
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  6. I rather formed the impression he found RMAS a piece of piss (physically anyway) having passed out of St Cyr and gone straight on to RMAS.
    Oh, and he was a Yorkie, too.
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  7. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Aside from the odd case that @Trackpen is talking about, the answer is no. The UK doesn't send officer cadets to overseas academies.
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  8. As I understand it, the guy I am talking about, post-DYRMS, read French at University and was looking for a gap period before Sandhurst.
    He asked the question of the French MoD, and was told he could go to St Cyr on condition he did the full course. He wasn't sent there by UK MoD.
    QHe's a bloody good human being (as are his parents - his Father was my Ldr/Op when I was a young Tp Ldr).
    Oh, and as the OP said, his 'street' French is of mother-tongue standard.
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  9. I believe that there have been exceptions, albeit very few, in the past. I would not hold my breath but an email to the UK's Military Attachè at the Embassy in Paris would be a fair start towards a definitive answer.
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  10. As a cadet ship student reading French and International Law, I had to spend a mandatory year in France.
    I asked the MoD if they wanted me to attend a French military establishment - they were paying me, after all.
    The answer was 'No. Just do what other students do.
    So I spent probably the best year of my life teaching in the centre of France: tax-free, with LOA and food and accommodation allowances, 1st Class railway warrants, etc.
    My contract with the French government was for 12h a week (paid - also tax free) and, for the winter period, I was only 30mins from the nearest ski resort.
    My teaching post was in a mixed technical lycée, where my students were all 17/18 year olds.
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  11. You may not believe it but last May we had a vote to get away from Johnny Foreigner like the French, and you think the cash strapped MoD are going to send an untried civvy on a French Military course

    Back to the drawing board snowflake

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  12. was rather under the impression that it would work the same way as foreign cadets at RMAS: you just pay
  13. Foreign students at RMAS are selected in their Country of origin, i.e son of a sultan or crown prince or head of state or by countries without a tradition of officer training - their state pays for them to indulge themselves at RMAS

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  14. Huge difference. RMAS: (comparatively) short sharp commissioning course. St Cyr, at last check: 3 year, earning a degree on route. Hardly a like for like exchange.
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  15. Who he?
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