Ógra SF criticised for ambush site visit

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by REG002, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. sf are a bunch of murdering terrorist supporting scum

    and young (Ogra) sf are a young bunch of wanna be murdering terrorist scum

    I do how ever like this bit

    The SDLP’s youngest councillor Matthew McDermott, who is on Lisburn Council, has withdrawn from a panel discussion tomorrow because of the Narrow Water reference. “The people of Ireland year after year democratically rejected the IRA,” Mr McDermott said. “IRA terrorism divided, not united, the people of Ireland.”

    ira terrorism divided not united the people of Ireland

    this stupid publicity stunt should not repeat not be allowed happen
  2. as i understand it, its a historical tour of an ambush that claimed the lives of a number of british soldiers, i dont see any problem, im sure any history buffs interested in the troubles may like to visit such a place just as they may like get a tour of loughgall,my personal view is that the whole thing is fascinating, most people growing up now are used to watching action films and tales of daring special force operations in iraq and far corners of the globe but not alot know of the special forces that where sneaking about country lanes of there own country
  3. A historical tour? Its to gloat Uladh, as you are quite aware. If you want to read up on "tales of daring do " and actually visit the real side of the N.I. conflict then read:

    Lost Lives by David McKittrick
    Publisher: Mainstream Publishing; 2nd Revised edition edition (Jun 2004)
    Language English
    ISBN-10: 184018504X
    ISBN-13: 978-1840185041

    A lot of good people were killed during the troubles.
  4. It's a visit to a place where soldiers were murdered by criminals. It has nothing to do with special operations or action films - just terrorism and violence as a means of bypassing democracy.

    I note that the fenian witch Catriona Ruane is involved - how unsurprising.
  5. Shocking indeed... almost as shocking as when she hailed Bobby Sands as a hero during a speech she gave at a school in NI only last month.

    Ruane in glorifiying terrorism shocker!
  6. Should we take some Juniors from Harrogate to see Loughall police station?

    Or to Gibralter?

    Then the SF can get proper twisted! :D

    There are many other places that the OSF could have vistited for this sort of field trip. That don´t involve gloating or bigging up their murdering older brethren.
  7. NI is fascinating?!Shut up.Stop making it seem like its ancient history.We,the Toms who were there are still around.Its not fascinating,its not a history trip and these scum are fcuking terrorists.Will you accept the Mahdi Army running little fcuking trips to see the sites of Basra and Al Amarah or the Taleban doing history jaunts to Helmand!?

    This is just typical of the double standards that exist in this country.Liarbour will let these 'domestic' terrorists get away with crap like this and then send our troops to afghanistan! Ask 1 Para what they think of this!!I'm sure they'd love to show thesae scum around!
  8. mick4075 - It was 3 Para at Warrenpoint, if I remember correctly.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Anyone fancy a jolly to the Bogside - pick any Sunday you like.

    Wonder how that would go down in the press . . .
  10. or a BBQ with a few bevies in Miltown Cemetry

    I know a perfect plot sorry I mean spot where we could put the portaloo

    or feck it dig a long drop
  11. The IRA haven't gone away, we may have a ceasefire with the Provisional IRA but the Continuity IRA and the 32 County soveriegnity committee haven't agreeed to it and to date are still continuing their activities, they are still plotting and collecting weapons as well as making bombs to date they have been foiled many times , its just a matter of time before they do a big one.

    the last conflict wasn't the first one, there were bombing campaigns in mainland UK and NI during the second world war in Britain, there was the Border campaigns 1956 -1962 then of course the troubles of 1968 -1998 (allegedly) it was petering out anyway as they were getting hobbled by the security services, the real turning point was Oamgh, since then Terrorist were no longer supported, this new lot is no different we have to be vigilant and ensure fairness to all sections of the community including and especially their Civil rights, it was the the suppression of Catholics civil rights that sparked the IRA most successful and high profile campaign in 1968, had the Catholics had their needs adressed without any attacks by teh B specials, things would be VERY different but thats hindsight for you.
  12. It was 2 Para at Warrenpoint
  13. Shows maybe it is history, when people cannot even remember who was there, maybe Northern Ireland is history, but i bet they wouldnt like us turning up at places to remember OUR fallen mates.

    Sure id be welcome at Andy town. :cry:
  14. Here is the lad responsible

    Message from National Organiser

    Ógra Shinn Féin are a youth movement for young people, led by young people.

    Our role is to recruit, campaign and educate. To recruit young dedicated activists to ensure the continuity and successful conclusion of the struggle. ...

    Ireland is occupied, Ireland is unequal.

    Is mise le meas,

    Barry McColgan

    National Organiser

    Ógra Shinn Féin

    And may I say Mr Colgan you are a twat

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