£Need some advice, fed up trying my RAO

Hi could someone in the know please give me advice on this? I am a re-enlistment and have been back in since October 2007. As I left the army before the end of my phase 2 training in the Infantry (Having been at Harrogate and in traning for a year + 8 weeks), I was bein paid as an untrained soldier when I left. I was still taking home around £850 each month, even after just one month at phase 2. When I re-enlisted I was given a new 300 number, and was being paid only £700 per month for around 3 months. The admin staff at Bovington told me my previous time in training did not count towards my pay, and that £700 was the correct amount. They then told me, in fact I should be getting around £800 and that my money would be backdated. I completed trade training in February 2008 ( signals training was completed in November 07 but I didnt receive any more pay as everyone else did ) I was still being paid as an untrained soldier, up until May this year when I was finally put on the correct pay band.

My Sqn clerk told me I would have backdated pay for the months I was on the correct pay band. He had my course certificates and stuff from Harrogate etc to make sure this happened. Everytime I spoke to him all I got was "I'm on it". He has now been posted elsewhere and I have to deal with a Lcpl who has no idea of the situation, hasn't been briefed and doesnt seem to understand that I have been on the wrong pay level for at least 6 months since re-joining. Surely all this information is on JPA somewhere? I have just returned from OPFOR at BATUS and again, lads who have less time in than me, have done the exact same courses as me, are taking home more pay. When I tell AGC staff this they just say, everyone's circumstances are different, so you can't compare your pay.

Surely if I have the same army qualifications, doing the same job, have even been in the army for longer, I should be getting at least the same amount as them, and not be minus at least £150 difference? I am seriously losing my patience after nearly a year of being fobbed off by admin staff. I have been to see the head clerk and he just used the "you cant compare your pay to others" rubbish. Surely if I've been told by 3 different clerks that the army will backdate my pay what I'm owed, then I have some comeback when this hasnt happened?

The Army has even taken money from me for when I was being paid by cheque for several months. Could someone please tell me the next step to take this? Considering the reason I re-joined was finiancial, I am now worse off than I was when I left. It seems that because I am just a Trooper I don't get listened to or believed by anyone I seek help from. I am now taking home around £800 per month, LESS than I was receiving as a phase 2 recruit in the Infantry. And I'm now a trained soldier. How can this be right? :x
Before you get the usual "Man Up" comments have you passed this up the chain yet to your platoon commander ?

Your not the first to get the shaft nor the last. Don't sit back and wait for the situation to be resolved by JPA. Get him on the case.

Oh and Man Up. :wink:
cunexttuesday said:
Before you get the usual "Man Up" comments have you passed this up the chain yet to your platoon commander ?
What he said.

Your time under training first shouldnt count though I wouldnt have thought.

No joy from Coy clerks then speak to your RAOWO. After speaking to your platoon comd... He might do it for you.
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