£80 million for ploddy smartphones...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Generalissimo, Oct 16, 2009.

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  1. Don't be fooled mind, the "smart phones" that my farce uses are basically just for mobile email, and do hardly any of the things that this piece of home office propaganda will have you believe.

    A better investment (other than paying the £20m that the TA needs) would have been for proper mobile data terminals such as the like enjoyed by Police Officers in North America.
  2. Yep, let's ignore the fact that defence and law and order have different (and very stretched) budgets and just start another whinge thread about how the nasty people at Land have decided not to pay the TA... :roll:

    Around the world police departments use wireless technology from laptops in vehicles to PDAs; sooner or later our police have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century as well.
  3. Well spotted General.
  4. "Our officers were spending almost half their time, 46%, actually in police buildings," Inspector Jim Hitch of Bedfordshire Police told the BBC News.

    Since the introduction of the phones he says the figure has fallen to 36%.

    Thats 10% more time in Dunkin Donuts.
  5. Do you think the coppers would be willing to stick all their cars on fleabay to raise money for the Stabs too?

    Are we going to have a similar threads for every single piece of Government expenditure between now and April 10?
  6. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

  7. The Police were sold a lemon with Airwave. They have to pay for each time a mast is pinged by a call. The system works by pinging every mast along the way . One call from a southern Force on Mutual Aid oop North between two vans next to each otehr pinged every mast back to the home County and back again, cost hundreds of pounds and took about 8 secs!

    The facility to point to point from radio to radio to save airtime can only be used when no-one is talking, bit pointless really.

    The mobile Data project is a Govt propaganda stunt. They want specific numbers of devices in service, not necessarily useful ones. Hence to make numbers up, Forces are having to spend on Blackberries when they would rather spend more on data terminals in vehicles which wouldbe of use and get people out of Stations.

    Don't blame the Plod, the Govt set the budget and the targets to be able to pretend to Joe Public that they are achieving!

  8. BOWMAN in the cars?
  10. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Compared to the NHS "connecting for health" program or whatever they called it last week, its nothing. About 9 billion was spent on IT projects for the NHS of which very very few have actually entered service, and those that have are so crap that they are almost useless.

    Its even worse, the NHS essential data spine collects medical data that can be accessed by police, customs and excise and other agencies if you dont opt out. If you try to opt out you have to go through a very complex process with no assurance that you are not included anyway.
  11. What have coppers ever done to deserve being lumbered with that?
  12. I thought I was pretty good at Techy stuff, comms etc, got my advanced sigs when in the Regs, then we got Airwaves!!!!! Fook me after the initial 2 hour input I didn't have a fookin clue what they were talking about.... Even now as we migrate to Airwaves 2 I can just about make a call and point to point. the handset has some flash menu and features that are utterley baffling. Complete waste of money on an overcomplicated system.... :roll:
  14. I have a bit of familiarity with similar systems on the western side of the pond. The systems that use cell carriers or similar end up paying a lot more than a data terminal with the signal carried "in house" . In my city we have our own trunked radio system on the 800MHz band and the data terminals utilize that. We also save by connecting all servers, radio transmitters, routers in all city buildings with city owned fibre optic cables. The system is what you might call the dogs bollocks. The transmitters are on top of two publicly owned buildings and one university owned building. The university cheerfully donates the space as they know they are will get top of the line restoration in case of power failure and we let the university police piggyback on our system. We had interoperability years before September 11th made it a buzzword due to the cluster in NYC.

    In short, paying the cash up front is far more cost effective than paying less up front and paying to use someone else's network. My walkie works anywhere in the city including the deepest subway stations.

    PS we even saved by having city employees install all the fibre optic instead of using a contractor. For years we made phone co, cable co, etc install extra space for city cable in all conduits they installed in the city. It paid off big time.

    PPS No, I'm not the person who dreamed the system up. Someone else did that and our city manager had the brains to approve spending the money on it. They certainly have my respect though.