£7m for this?

Unbelievable. Words Fail
Ah yes, I finally have the words. Decidance at its most sinister... It looks like we're approaching the point in the history of a race where it reaches a tipping point and ends up destroying itself through its own arrogance
How bizzare....just another case of how corrupt Labour really is preferring to cut funding to the Armed forces yet give tons of money to some nut case so he can take a load of earth from somewhere and bring it to the UK and exhibit it.


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Money is no object in Britain we are loaded
Has nobody told you

Don't forget we've already paid for one olympics when we gave China all that nice "aid"
So it will come to the stage where we will be unable to enter teams for olympic events due to a lack of funding, however there will be numerous statues of the events which will cost more.
So we can afford this but can't afford to send extra support out to the sandpit?
1 arty film show, 2 three thirty foot lions, 3 London bus stop signs, 4 a floating watermill,5 a hurricane in Liverpool, 6 a bombed out warehouse, 7 a Scottish football pitch, 8 a floating island, 9 a recycled boat, 10 a redundant aircraft, 11 a huge godiva and a graffitied Leeds.

If only it wasn't in such bad taste it could make the xmas number one.

Mind you it might give all the soon to be unemployed politicians something to do!
Ulster_Rifleman said:
The announcement was made a day after British Olympic Association chiefs warned that the size of the 2012 British team may have to be cut due to a £4 million funding shortfall.
I have never heard of anything so stupid...

Clucking Bell... words fail me :x
the next time a forighn jonny says the english are quite mad---believe him
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