£650.11 for chocolate gongs!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Filbert Fox, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Of course, I would gladly pay more

  2. Just about

  3. Not a chance, 3 of them are not worth tuppence

  4. They were not actually his to sell in the first place

  1. Only 2 of the five will actually have his name on them, the other three were mass produced, and you can buy them off the shelf for less than a tenner.

    WHAT mounted? Duh!

    This chap has decided to throw in his entire army history with it....

    Why would anyone want to research his career?????

    but £650.11 ? I think i'll dust mine off now.....
  2. He should also know that the medals overlap and are not mounted in two rows, only the ribbons are in rows.
    Cork mounted :roll:
  3. I think its a shame that any ex member of the British Forces, has to sell their medals.
  4. Don't knock it. He persuaded some Walt to part with over £600 for them, didn't he? Good on him.
  5. I think Court was the word he was looking for!!
  6. A medal collector told me recently that in an open market, 6 medals with proof of owernship are worth approx £1000
    The more you have with your name on, the more they are worth, so for example my measly bunch named:
    GSM NI/LS&GC/ACSM/Rhodesia Medal and my UNFICYP and BOSNIA not named, with a copy of red book, you are talking about a grand or so maybe more!
  7. Oh my lord ! The spelling is awful !
  8. This reminds me of the recent selling of medals thread. The guy got the money. Yeah, I did the same thing over 25 years ago, gave the guy the provenance as its called and everything 'cos I'd left the army. It was only when I got to my 30's that I realised what I'd thrown away. He'll discover soon enough - then it'll be too late. Luckily for me, my mother had kept some things like paperwork so at least I've got more than just memories.
  9. Those of us who do collect medals wonder at why families are so ready to sell their history and heritage.
    What's that £650 going to go towards? TV, stereo, fags and beer, bills? doubtless nothing of meaning that can be handed down to your kids or grandkids with pride or anything that will appreciate in value over time.

    Mind you, those of you who are mystified as to the value of these trinkets are a collectors best friend :wink:
  10. The seller seems to be in a great hurry to unburden themselves of 15 years of their history. I would never sell my medals.......ever, they are in a nice glass frame on my living room wall and I get to look at them every day and smile a little.
  11. I am told that for those who pick up the rare gongs for bravery/heroism actually get paid a retainer not to sell them on. I am led to believe that the lad who recently picked up a GC in TELIC (value c.£100,000) gets around £1,000 a year for life to hang onto it. Young Beharry VC should not therefore be out of pocket, notwithstanding his £1M bok deal!
  12. Hey those ones are better than the first lot.

    Instead of being cork mounted these ones are coat mounted. :roll:
  13. coming off the last couple of post , it is not impossible to buy copies and write your name roudn the edge and pass them off as genuine to those who dont know.

    still any Genuine war vet should not have to feel compelled to sell his gongs to pay his bills, i find it soul destroying to see one such guy going to a medal dealer and sell his medals.