£60,000 a year isnt enough to live on

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex_ex, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Just in case you didn't guess who said this:

    At least Andrew Gimson in the Telegraph feels sorry for them :D

    The poor things are finding ways to cope though:

    Who's going to volunteer to start a whip-round for them? :D
  2. Thats it, i'm starting the ARRSE party.
    I think I'll just about manage on that kind of wage, not forgetting the expenses and if you are lucky use of official cars, the royal flight etc. I can't imagine how they manage the poor things.
  3. £121,396 per MP.

    And this is not enough? They really really are taking the pis5.

  4. Bit harsh chaps.

    Don't you think they're worth every penny and a bit more besides?!! :D :D
  5. I think they deserve there pay if only if its linked
    to job cuts and performance related pay :twisted:.
    we can lose quite a few MP's apprantly theres a few too many from north of the boarder and in wales
    and england may be overrepresented as well :twisted:
    if they don't turn up for votes they get fined if I did'nt turn up for my shift I'd get the sack make the ******* clock in :twisted:
    and a dress code and targets to meet :twisted:
    they want the extra cash lets have some work out of them 8)

  6. I'll agree that they are worth pennies, thats about it.
  7. Awesome, need any ministers? I'm available for that kinda cash. How hard can making a f*ck up of everything you attempt be?
  8. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but these jumped up little oiks known as MPs actually work for us, the British taxpayer. We employ them to manage our great country, not the other way round. Now, as their employers shouldn't WE decide on their pay? After all, any other employer decides on what his/her workforce should earn.

    Just a thought......

  9. We could take that a stage further, for example introducing performance related pay.
    They'd be paying us by the end of the month.
  10. Guys, guys...

    It's not the MPs you need to worry about, nor the middle/high ranking Civil Servants who make similar (equally deserved) wages.

    It's those dole scroungers and immigrants you want to be directing your ire at. Some of them get £56 a week you know. Parasites!
  11. Sorry, saw the title to this post and thought that the SO1 Boots and Socks was dripping again........
  12. Well, technically, they work for Aunty Betty, not the taxpayer. We just decide whether to let them keep their job every four years. However, now we're onto the subject of elections, surely under the arrangements by which the governing party draws its power and legitimacy (the mandate system via the manifesto), the qualities of an individual MP doesn't really matter, because their job is to support the party leadership.

    I find it laughable that their concern is that they use salary to attract the most capable people possible, while overlooking that logic when it pertains to other public servants. They have no aversion to using and abusing other peoples' commitment and sense of duty then. Do we really want people representing us who got into the game just because they think it'd be a good gig? And how many MPs leave the Commons to take up high paid "real" jobs in the private sector, that do not rely on their former proximity to power (lobbying, non-executive directorships, the media etc.)?
  13. Add to their salary their huge amounts of holiday - Parliament hardly sits between Jul and Oct. Plus half of them claim for a researcher whilst employing their wife. The other half do employ a researcher, but how they employ them is another question!
  14. Why we pay them anything other than a very basic living plus expenses is beyond me. They aren't there to make a salary; they're there to provide the membership of a debating chamber which should be passing and amending as few laws as possible consistent with public order. The 'gifted amateur', committed political activist and true servant of the people doesn't need the sort of dosh they shovel up.
  15. I think my balls just dropped, no but to tell you the truth I think they should have a pay-cut, then they might understand why people really ask for an pay increase.. these MPs get allot of money, money that could be better spent elsewhere :)

    *Well that's my opinion and maybe not the others who visit here like yours :) but really it's all nuts :(
    *They need to live in the real world in order to administer it has it should be, not high as kites and living the high life!