£6,000 of Second World War welcome home cash sits in bank

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Psypher, Nov 13, 2008.

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  1. Saw this posted on another forum I lurk on and thought it would be of interest to ARRSERs:

  2. Seems like the classic, put it away for a rainy day scenario. Then got forgotten about. I can't believe that some WW2 or Korea vet in the area could not have used some help, presuming he even knew help was available.
  3. No suprise here...Mrs Walt 'n' I run the poppy appeal in the west country 'n' Mrs Walt acts a RBL welfare worker for our paticular branch. This branch at the moment is very wealthy due to a very specific settlement by a local for local ex-sevicemen(admittedly not many in this rural area) Do you think we can give any money away...like fcuk we can, we are hamstrung by Pall Mall at every opportunity, all of course legally and by the book but all they want is the 'dosh' in the central fund to fund the life style of the 'salaried charity workers' as an example we were'nt even allowed to fund a thank you dinner(nothing fancy) for our 'stand in the pissing rain/howling wind' poppy collectors yet on a course attended by Mrs Walt the RBL 'salaried' did'nt stint on the meals/acommodation....can't say about the booze...had a girlfriend(many moons ago) who was senior manager in the British Red Cross....I had more than a few 'tag along as partner' trips/good times.....Charities are in many cases purely to provide 'jobs' for the boys.