£534 To Retrain For Civvy Street

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by PoisonDwarf, Jun 23, 2006.

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  1. I saw the letter a month or so ago about the resettlement grant which has remained at £534 for approx 15 years. I personally think it's an insulting sum, now being squeezed even more by JPA bureaucracy. It was interesting to see the response by the DSPS(A) Brigadier (you know the guy who repeats pay regs verbatim, like a politician, rather than accept that any rules are unfair/messed up), claiming that the IRTC grant was being reviewed and to 'watch this space', or words to that effect.

    500-odd quid might have been a reasonable figure for a training in the late 80s, but you can't even get a place on a 2 day seminar these for that kind of pathetic sum. I think they're going to shaft us all once again by basically doing away with the grant totally. I suspect that they'll take the attitude that the individual is responsible for whole-life personal development, therefore there's no need to do a resettlement course at the end of your 22. Then the emphasis will be on a msart approach to SLC and ELC.

    Imagine this happened though? The resettlement industries would be wiped out at a single stroke.

    Anyone else have any strong opinions? Or, even better, any insider tips on what methods they're planning to screw us over with? Let's face it, like Pension 2000, they're not going to leave any of us better off now are they?


  2. Your overall entitlements can exceed £5k & can be put to good use if your resettlement providers know what they're doing:)

  3. Fair one P_D

    It grips my sh1t BIGTIME that the Standard Learning Credit has stayed the same for the 9 years I've been in- £175. I've had it on good authority that every year the budget for the SLC Scheme is seriously underused and the money goes back into central funds.

    Why not increase the amount available? If some people want to sit on their arses doing nothing to further themselves, then fine. At least let those of us who are a bit proactive have a bigger slice of the pie.
  4. Very good point about the SLC. So that's two different allowances we're getting screwed for. Doesn't this mean servicemen and women are more likely to end up in dire straits. Not the band Dire Straits, mind you, that's probably a nice little number if you can play guitar and like to wear a tennis headband in the evening in front of lots of people.

    I totally agree with bringing the SLC back in line with inflation.. There will always be those who are quite content to sit on their arrse and those who actively seek betterment. This rewards the proactive ones.

    Is anyone here aware of the actual years that those two allowances reached their current limit? I feel a letter to Soldier Magazine coming on....

  5. Yes.

    a. Appoint you an RCMO who seems to be continually away on resettlement himself.

    b. Make it as difficult as possible to administer paperwork, especially in claiming retrospective expenses.

    c. Have 4 'similar' offices in close proximity, all of which have the default reply to a question, 'no we don't sign that bit'.
  6. Another fine example of the british squaddie getting f*ked in the arse. I havent heard of them thinking of doing away with it. That would be catastrophic, the state most lads come out in is bad enough. Without a period of transition and a chance to re-train I dread to think the effect it would have. Once your out the gate the MOD realy do not care. I read a figure somewhere that says 50% of lads on the streets of london are ex-forces.

    To get the best out of your grant find a residential training provider who has broken down the costs of the course in exact accordance with resettlement allowences.
    50£p/d for acom, 534 for training, 175 for exam fees, 24p/d food.
    That way all of your resettlement allowences have to be given to you.
    If they charge 1200 for training you will have to pay the excess above 534, if they charge only 25per night for acom you will miss out on 25, the amount up to the 50per/day acom allowence.

    With my course i found a provider that was almost spot on, ended up having to find about 800£ excess on a 4 week course due to training costs being well above 534£. However food and acom was exact for meeting the allowance. Exam fees went thro the skooly and got dumped in my account on completeion.
  7. All arguments which would be comprehensively and positively addressed by a BAFF, I'm sure.
  8. a BAFF, Hear Hear!
  9. I'd like to see a seperate thread for Resettlement issues but when I suggested it they (ARRSE) referred me to this one.......
  10. Fellas you just need to be creative with the way you expense the accomodation etc for your resettlement, squaddies have been doing it for years and if you had a half decent Resettlement Officer he would unofficially point you in the right direction, I did an IT course resettlement that cost £3000 plus, I ended up putting £600 quid to it myself not a bad return seen as I earn that in 2 days now.

    Be selective of what course you do and make sure to chat up the B&B before hand so they are sweet, or tap into lads who have just done the course and managed to be creative and they will point you in the right direction.

    Granted the amount is shi*e, it was the same amount when I got out in 01 after 13 years in.

    Good luck fellas, the grass is green out here no matter what all the knockers say, choose your resettlement carefully and look what is in demand and you can make good money in a very enjoyable job.
  11. Yes the amount is insulting, but trying being at a station where your whole battalion is being disbanded and all are trying to take resettlement within one year. Now that really is a nightmare....
  12. Makes it even more ridiculous when you compare it to what is on offer to soldiers of other nations. I did a 2 year college course here in Germany 10 years ago, there were ex Bundeswehr blokes on the same course who were recieving full pay for the 2 years after they'd completed their 4 year commitment. 8O

    dont start me on tax while on ops because that will push me over the edge.
  13. The more you do for your country the more its screws you in the ass. This thread is another testement to that. Don't worry lads, just claim asylum and preach islamic terroism and Tony will sort you out.

    I don't intend to set foot back in the UK for a while yet, the union jack these days is fast becoming nothing more than a symbol of professionalism on a tac-vest next to a blood group.
  14. It's been a while since I was last on this site........

    Anyway, I'm in the last throws of 23 years and fortunately got the full resettlement package which covered the majority of my IT training with the exception of an exam or two. I'm now on my last 6 months on Gardening Leave, back in the UK working for an impressive IT company earning a fortune (should earn £70k this year not including my army wages....sorry had to get that in).

    My reason for this post was to inform you of the impending change to the Resettlement package. The food and accommodation swindle that the majority of us soldiers do in cahoots with the training providor may not be so easy. The conversation I had with one of the pay SNCO's before my return to the UK led me to believe that an individual could only claim back 'actuals'. i.e. you can no longer get the training provider to charge you food and accommodation to the maximum allowed (£50 per day - if I remember correctly) and offset some of that to the cost of the course. Separate receipts etc are required. I can only draw the conclusion that you could only book accommodation throught teh Central Hotels Booking Agency. If this turns out to be true, everyone will be leaving the army after 22 years doing a fcuking HGV driving course.

    Makes my blood boil that individuals devote their life to the service of this country and get sweet FA in return. If the review happens, and money is made available, it will be interesting to see the amount(s)

    To those of you who do, or have done HGV driving courses, that's not a dig........however that's another bone of contention as I firmly believe the army should have sorted that one out for you and got one of their own driving instructors to teach you and then you could've went on an done something else.


    It's great almost being a civvy......like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. At least when I deploy to Iraq or Afghanistan I won't be paid a pitance of £10 per day LSSA.......

    Soldiers deserve more.....

  15. Hi JockDude,
    Very interested in your remarks about resettlement and have sent you a PM.