£53 in charges for £2 overdrawn

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by theiftaker, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. The wife went overdrawn by £2.04 and is now getting £53 in charges. She went overdrawn at 23:50 and at 00:01 my wages went in so they want £53 for a 10 minute loan. Well Halifax after 22years banking with you, I'm closing my account. When I went to ask about this the guy I spoke to may as well have been the "Computer says No" woman from little Britain.

    Also transferring all the kids savings accounts, As well as my long term savings, disgusted with their attitude.
  2. Good for you. I'm going to close my Halifax account soon after a bit of admin is finalised. I got a small mortgage with them 20 years ago and as a young man I struggled to adjust my finances for a few months, often going overdrawn by a few quid here and there. Each time they'd charge me £20. While I'm on top of it all now I still feel bitter about their greed all those years ago.
  3. Middle of a house and job move so things got a bit hectic, Never bothered with an overdraft though they keep offering me up a £6000 overdraft. So when I point out to them that they keep offering a huge overdraft that I don't want, yet want to charge me 50 times the amount we accidentally borrowed. I just get the response of pay the charges. Robbing bastards.
  4. Go into the branch and get it sorted. State your case in person, rants here will achieve nothing. Stand your corner.
  5. Abbey have charged me £45.16 for exceeding my overdraft by £39.73 for part of a day. If they had listed the cheques I paid in first, rather than last, I wouldn't even have gone over. There is a test case running at the moment, basically charges should be fair, and not punitive.

    Write in and complain, you might get your money back and stand to lose nothing more. There are some stock letters at Bank Charge Letters

    You should get an acknowledgement and that they are waiting for the outcome of the test case.

    There also a similar link at the botton of this thread.
  6. Josey I went into the branch today and had to leave as I was ready to drive my hand through ignorant girl I spoke too. Trevor will check that link tomorrow bed calls now up at 00:dark hundred.
  7. My local branch of Lloyds, (Southsea, Portsmouth) are good.

    They cancel corporate charges and phone me afterwards to confirm.

    It is still down to the quality of the local account managers.

    Lloyds, Palmerston Road, Southsea...... excellent bank, still run in a traditional way.
  8. Posting as an individual rather than my job title: I also use Lloyds TSB and have done since get go.

    I switched to the Plymouth branch whilst based down that way (as they have dedicated staff for service personnel) and only shifted to the Cox and Kings branch recently as I've settled closer to town (again they have dedicated staff for service personnel).

    Holts is another bank that has dedicated staff, seem decent enough and are part of RBS.

  9. It's the old Catch 22, the Bank allows people to do over drawn in order to make money, but your wife should have kept her books upto date. I got hacked off with my last bank and moved to www.smile.co.uk it's an on line bank run by the Co-Op Bank. You can pay in cheques in you local Post Office and their customer services is fecking fantastic.
    As for claiming back your bank charge you may have missed the boat for 6 months.

    Leave them!
  10. I'm with them too-whilst all banks are bellends, they're not too bad when it comes to dealing with service personnel.

    I went overdrawn last week for the first time ever since I opened an account with Lloyds over 11 years ago (due to an unexpected overnight stay in hospital and not being able to transfer money into my current account). £11.02 overdrawn and they were going to charge me £27-one phone call and a threat to take my banking needs elsewhere later, they had canceled the charges.

    Be ruthless with them-they will back down when they realise they'll lose business.
  11. The answer is don't go overdrawn, simple really.
  12. Bit hard to do when the banks want you to go OD. If they did not they would would not let you withdraw cash you do not have. Once they have you in the OD hole they will own your soul!
  13. Unfortunately, I actually work for a bank one of you has mentioned (I hate every second of it which is why I'm going on tour next year). In a charges department (try justifying something you don't agree with!).

    The problem is that when you ring and threathen to take your business elsewhere the person on the other end of the phone doesn't really care. They just want to finish their shift and go home, their wages will still get paid the same regardless on whether you leave or not.

    What you need to do is make sure you escalate every compaint to your banks customer relations team/complaints departments. Managers are useless as its their job to manage people and shifts and that's it, most of the time when they promise you call backs etc. their just fobbing you off as the likelyhood of you ever speaking to them again is minimal. (all this could be fixed with giving advisors a bonus or penalty for retaining customers...)

    Going to your local brach is useful because obviously you know the person your speaking to and where he/she works thus it's easier to complain about that person if something they promise you isn't done (and they will deffinately know this!).

    The other thing to know is that all banks charge for the same reason and around about the same amount. You may get charged £10 for going overdrawn with bank A and £30 for doing the same with bank B, but bank B will more than likely charge you less for something that bank A would have charged you more for - if that makes sense!

    Some banks may be more leniant than others, the one I work for has a policy of refunding 2 charges every 12 months, others have more, some less but you won't find one that will give you everything back. In my department we're allowed a little more slack with giving them back under exceptional circumstances such as being in hospital etc.

    Reference the 6 years worth of bank charges, if you write a letter to your bank asking for them back, you'll just get one sent back saying the county courts have said banks don't have to give them back now until the high court case has been decided. Unfortunately you missed that band wagon awhile back when banks were litteraly throwing the money back at you if you worked out how much you had paid in charges over the last 6 years.

    I personally hope that the courts stop banks being greedy feckers as it'll make my job more bearable. I've seen some extreme cases where people can't afford to live as their in such a state with spiralling bank charges of £500 + per MONTH as all their bills keep bouncing because the bank keeps charging them! The only option is debt recovery which isn't a pretty one, loosing your cards on your account, not able to use direct debits etc. Alot of cases I see are gamblers making small £5 bets over and over again even though theres no money in the account, because it's a small amount the bookies aren't authorising the payment so it still goes through and they'd get charged £30 per card payment.

    Reading back on that it doesn't make that much sense and it's structured pretty cack also, so please forgive me but i'm hungover...

  14. Of course you aren't with the Halifax, you're with HBOS. We took two organisations that worked and put them together, buggering both of them. I jacked in the Bank of Scotland/HBOS after one f*** around too many; allow us to muck you about over your TESSA transfer, allow us to send your stuff to someone else, no you can't ever phone your branch, sign this false document it's only a formality for our records and the revenue will never see it.....

    I moved to the Nationwide. Apart from their credit card operation they are pretty good.

    But the whole HBOS group, including Birmingham Midshires, are a disaster.
  15. Matelot/PAX, I'm also with LloydsTSB in Royal Parade, joined up eleven years ago and coming from Northern Ireland didn't have an English bank account so opened with Lloyds in basic training. I guess through laziness, which the big banks rely on, I have stayed with them for the past eleven years despite their pitiful amounts of interest each year.

    Last May I had accrued quite a bit of cash in the account and so decided to pay off 10% of my mortgage, unfortunately I had also written a few large cheques to my building manager and had just been to NY for Fleet week and so ended up £12 overdrawn(unauthorised overdraft) during the last 48 hours of the month of May.

    I understand the argument that the £12 was not my money to go overdrawn on but have now been penalised with a fine of £65 and just don't think that the loyalty I've shown Lloyds over the past eleven years has been recognised on their side. But then they are there to make profit, its not like they are a charity!

    Am currently checking out alternative banks and will probably move to Alliance&Leicester.