£5000 for seaside confectionary art project

Anyone esle think this has gone too far?

£5,000 for artist's pile of seaside rock
By David Sapsted

(Filed: 25/08/2006)

An artist has been awarded £5,000 of National Lottery funds to pile up sticks of seaside rock and invite people to eat them.

Bryony Graham has been awarded the grant to create a circular mound of 30,000, foot-long sticks of rock so that visitors to next month's Art on the Prom festival in Felixstowe, Suffolk, can sink their teeth into the "sculpture".

"It will be an experimental piece of installation art which will hopefully be interesting and stimulating," says Miss Graham, 42.

"A lot of thinking has gone into it and it will hopefully provoke a lot of thought and discussion. I want to initiate a debate about the role of art in the community," she added. The mound which will be 30ft wide, 3ft high and weigh about a ton, is being paid for by the Arts Council's Grants for the Arts scheme funded by the National Lottery.

The rock is being made by the family-run Docwra's Rock Shop in Great Yarmouth, and will have special words written through the middle, though Miss Graham will not say what they are.

Called Rock Away Felix -You Are Here, the sculpture was created by Miss Graham because she wanted to explore "the classic cultural quirkiness of sticks of rock and seaside towns."

She added: "It will be a large red pile that will symbolise the red dot saying 'You are here' on location maps which you find on display in towns and cities".

The artistic merit of the sculpture seems to have been lost on some Felixstowe residents. Reg Hartles, 73, the chairman of Protest Against Council Tax Suffolk, said: "My personal opinion is that it seems like a waste of public money.

"Having massive piles of the same item in the name of art has all been done before and it is not very original

"Displays like this could be dreamed up by any member of the public. You don't have to be an artist."

Mr Hartles shares my sentiments exactly, although I spat out my tea and fummed/cussed alot more than he did when I read it.

£5000 could have bought 15 high spec computers for a needy charity etc. Why plum for lottery money when she could have charged a few pence on the door and let it pay for itself. This is exactly the reason why i do not buy lottery tickets. I'd rather earn an honest wage and never have a chance of winning big than allow some up her own arrse artist have an easy ride. What a load of old tosh.

Waiting for the incoming from some artistic farty people.


War Hero
£5000 is a LOT of money. It's actually funny to think about all the logistics that went into concieving this idea, planning it, applying for the money, and a panel of judges reaching their decision, all based on his idea and a blag about 'the socio - cultural correllation between rock and sea side town...' or something.

I know people who draw their main income from being artists. They're all tw*ts, not welcome around Casa Morty, and exist purely to blag, skive, and be condescending to normal people.
cnuts should be made to pay it out of their own pockets :x :x :x :x
Art is subjective. An artist can study for many many years learning to draw still life, the human body and nature. They maybe so good they draw out emotion from those who gaze upon their works.


you can just pi ss in a milk bottle and call it Modern Art. *
Hmm im actually a fan of public art and beleive it can make a difference (allbeit a small one) in the regeneration of our towns and cities.

With the advent of hotter summers in the UK, now is the ideal opportunity for the UK's seaside towns to take advantage of this, however, public art that lasts a few weeks/days/hours is a bit pointless unless emplyed as a publicity stunt. £5'000 is not cheap for a bit of publicity though, is it?
Five grand for some sticks of Rock, but the Lottery wont give money to old soldiers to visit graves in France, Pathetic
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