£500 to re-invest

When I was 19 my Dad put £500 into Hendersons Tech Fund shares now 10 years later they are worth £500. This maybe due to Henderson Tech being discontinued and the shares moved to Polar Cap - No one bothered telling me this until I phoned up to sell the shares about three years ago. The down side is they said I had the shares certificate and I said I have never had it. I handed over 50 beer tokens for replacements that ended up being lost in post. They have asked me to pay again and I have told them to FO and it has been stalemate ever since. Now I have some time on my hands I'm going to have another go at them.
Fingers crossed if all goes well I will have £500 to re-invest, now do I stick it in savings, bet on Norfolk'n'Chance in th 14:30 at New Market, sink it in to Ernie bonds, or buy gold and silver and hide them under my bed or go on holiday, or set up an internet trading account and take some risky chances on the market (can't do any worse then Polar Cap have done!)
I wouldnt go for No forking chance - slap your money on W@nkers dream its 1000/1. Better return
Dear Sir (insert name here),

I run a nice little investment company for such splendid people as yourself. I promise to convert your £(insert sum here) into £(insert larger sum here) in only (insert number) years.

The name of the fund is Cash And Shares Holdings. Please make your cheque payable to the company; to save time and ink, please feel free to use the initials of the fund. Then send the cheque, post-haste, to:

Cash And Shares Holdings
Litotes' Manor
Little Snoring,

I will, of course, exchange your cheque for a nicely printed share certificate that will look very nice on your wall.

I am your humble and obedient servant,

(memo to self; insert name, remove brackets and insert numbers before posting)
Premium Bonds? At least you don't lose..................
How about just donating it to the ARRSE Appeal for wounded squaddies?

Of course, LVH, that depends on how flush you are elsewhere!

I assume that you are a young(ish) soldier. First off, buy a portable filing system from Staples or WHSmith. One of the tin or plastic boxes with suspension files inside. Don't buy the smallest - you will be surprised how quickly it fills up. Sort and file all the financial documentation in your life. Once that is sorted, you can move on to the advanced stuff!

Pay off your debts first, starting with the most expensive which are usually store cards, then credit cards. Don't clear debt where the amount is already fixed - because you are giving away money.

Then build up an instant access high interest bank/bldg soc account to the level of one month's salary.

Then build up 3 month's salary in a cash ISA or longer access account. Alongside all of this, you should be running a reputable credit card and paying it off each month; that will earn you the all-important credit rating for later on in life.

Once you have that background to your savings, then think about a punt on ERNIE (the net return is much less than the bldg soc unless you strike lucky. You won't, so stick to no more than 1% of your wealth.

Once you have reached this point, you need to think about your attitude to risk. The better the potential return, the more the risk, and the time needed to decide what to buy. Start reading the financial pages!

Dribble the money into the stock market via a regular savings plan with the big investment or unit trusts. Or, try www.zopa.com for a really unusual version of a credit union! People on there claim to be earning 10-12% pa.

Alternatively, Jonah's Whale in the 330 at Lichfield looks a dead cert.... :twisted:

Or just donate it to the ARRSE Appeal?

Litotes - Thanks for the sound advice. I think I will also use my TA pay for investments as well (if they ever sort out JPA and start paying me again).

Bugsy - Once JPA puts out I will put in 8)
Here's a cunning way to invest.
Buy two bottles of this rare whisky below.

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£240.90 (Inc VAT)
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Now here's the cunning part. Bring one bottle round to my gaff and we can share it. When it's gone your remainig bottle will be even rarer and thus worth more than you paid for it.
How can you lose?
Buy an East European bird and rent her out
fishfingers said:
fishfingers said:
You could give these a punt; results due soon and a good recovery share focusing on renewable energy, battery powered bikes and legal software. Take a look at the graph, you could do worse:

Fair do's investing in shares is tricky but a 28% rise in a week isn't bad - keep an eye on them :wink:. Sods law they'll go belly up now.
Ultima Networks up 79% in a week, did anyone have a shot at these?
Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold.
Point observed i hope.
put your cash into a high interest account.
My account is highly interesting, do you want to send it to me as cash or cheque?
fishfingers said:
PB's are ok but inflation plays havoc on them if you don't win http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/premium-bonds#not
A very interesting link ... thank you.

I had an IFA who once said "There's no harm in PBs as part of a portfolio. Certainly no Building Society will ever accidentally send you £1M."

However, over the years we have found that you need to have invested well over £10K for it to generate winnings on a regular basis. We have a high level of investment, which drips in £50-£150 virtually every month: statistically, your £500 could achieve absolutely nothing for years and years whilst being nibbled to death by inflation.

According to my MSMoney accounts, ERNIE has paid us 4.68% tax free over the last 12 months ... and the only big wins we've ever had are a £1000 and a £500.

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