£5 Million ... Yes please....

They would only get it from China if not from us anyway...hang on.why not?It's not as if we're flush with money,except if you're a banker of course :roll:


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Don't forget we provide aid to China so I suppose Brown has just cut out the middleman

Here you are me old Chink theres about £40 million for you cos your poor
Ta vely much Blitish fool me spend on Olympics and Space Program
seriously!! what the fcuk is going on, lets sort out our own country first eh brown??

5 fcukin mill on a country that been shafted by itself, why not spend the 5m on mobilising a force to go and take care of the situation once and for all??? oh yeah, no oil in it! ;-)
to be fare that 5 mil is going to aid agencies.
re china and india how much trade do we get back for the so called "aid" we send?
Refering to the other thread on this, our total this year to uncle Bob stands now at £60 million, must have helped with the birthday party celebrations!

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