£4m armed forces memorial planned

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cpl_ripper, Apr 6, 2005.

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  1. From the bbc

    Which I'm all for however
  2. Do you think tones got his eyes on iran?


    Typical, the public have to fund it with donations! Why isnt this being paid for by the govt, after all it is them that send our service personell to do theit bidding! Is gordon being greedy again?

    Edited to add:

  3. I sense a cluster in the making
  4. Oh God no...modern architecture and hideously expensive government commissions..again!

    Alright £4 million is a drop in the public spending ocean but really this is such a pants idea. National Arboretum is a great idea, specific groves for this sub-set or that one is a top idea and so forth...but there are a gazillion things which would improve the memory and better reflect the sacrifice of our comrades than this...

    As John Pudney wrote "Better by far for Johnny the bright star, to keep your head and see his children fed." How many homeless ex-servicemen with PTSD could £4 million help? How many pensionless former dependants? What changes in society could that memorial fund go towards, to reflect what those killed thought they were fighting for?
  5. I find it hard to disagree with any of the comments above, but also find it hard to understand why (in the UK at least) the Nations War Memorial is stuck in the centre of a busy main road.

    As much as we rip the Americans, they do know how to commemorate their dead. One look at the USMC, Korean, Vietnam or WW2 memorials in Washington will convince you of that. Their dedication to the tomb of the Unkown Soldier is also very impressive. We can say what we like about the drill, but those graves are saluted 24/7 365 days a year.
  6. I like the idea-just as long as they don't get the muppet who did the Diana Cock-up Fountain involved
  7. Why not use one of the "liberated" Iraqi ones, like the crossed-scimitars archway? I am sure they are going cheap! :wink:


    On a serious point, it should only be ex-military types and no-one else involved in the design. There must be enough architects, quantity surveyors, artists etc out there who wore the uniform at some time.

    I can see it now...a fountain, like the Diana one...but with Stella flowing instead of water! Show your discharge papers or your MOD90/1250/Navy one and drink your fill! :twisted:
  8. ..or we could just use the money on law and order, schools, hospitals and land fit for heroes type stuff? So a fountain of free Stella ought to be just right I guess!!
  9. Personally I would be very surprised if the general public had any idea where the National Memorial Arboretum was in the country. Whilst I think it is a great idea, I fear it will be serving and ex soldiers who will pay for it. In fact it will probably become flavour of the month when the next charity is discussed at future mess meetings. I know my mess will contribute and I'm sure many others will.

    To my mind, if the public don't care (which I suspect they won't) then we would be better off putting the money towards some other services charity, instead of building a new monument in a place the majority don't care about and will never visit.

    That said it's a disgrace that the "grateful nation" does not give it gratis, instead of wasting the money to pay for it, by giving it to (insert your own particular grievance here).

    I think you would be hard pressed to find anybody in this country who hasn't had some contact, or had to rely on the forces over the recent years (fire strike/foot and mouth etc).

    4 million = less than 2 miles of motorway , come on Gordon cough up.
  10. A better memorial would be a 24hr (free) brothel with unlimited free beer.

    Hell, forget the brothel, let's just have the free beer. :D
  11. Here is my "artist's impression" of the Armed Forces Memorial Fountain.


    Note the pure Stella Artois flowing gracefully along the trench. The stones are to generate the optimum effervescence and to maintain a frothy head.

    Show your military ID or your discharge papers to be allowed to kneel down and drink your fill! Non-military types can watch in awe.
  12. ......and 72 virgins?
  13. Wasn't there a UK memorial to the Twin Towers victims that was to be paid for from the public purse? Or did that not go ahead?
  14. Reading my Torygraph today (come on people, what newspaper did you think I read??), I note that the lottery is giving zip to this item. Yet it has provided hod loads of folding stuff to all kinds of toss, such as £50k so some Jamaican woman can recapture her poetic muse! Deserving causes like a BLESMA centre for blind amputees however can go whistle.

    Let's face it, as professional soldiers we all know wounded personnel are a better return tactically than killed...but if them's the results we wish on our enemies, what makes us think they didn't wish the same for us; and why aren't we making appropriate provision for this outcome? Build all the monuments to the dead you wish for, just don't leave the survivors short of care, money and respect...
  15. Up on Tyneside at the White Swan Centre they already have a memorial to servicemen kia since WW II. It's called The Jigsaw designed by a schoolgirl I think and very nice it is too.

    I've got to say that this new one is BORING and pre WW II. Designed by someone living in the past - or Greece or Rome. (Could be a pira member too)

    Very worthy, like the Royal Navy memorial on Southsea seafront but to me, it doesn't represent the post WW II generations. Surely they could have come up with something a little more inspirational than a couple of lines of stone inside a stone circle? Stellastream notwithstanding.

    The Guards memorial managed it.