£480 million to Pakistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by syledis, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. Must be a by-election coming in Bradford as the Government are giving away more of our cash to an Asian country , most of whom seem to be living here.

    Linky: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7781108.stm

    Douglas Alexander , professional politician of the worst possible kind announced this. Hate him with a passion but feel strangely drawn to his wide mouthed sister Wendy.
  2. Syledis you need help if you find her attractive in any way!
  3. [​IMG]

    You filthy beast.
  4. FFS - that put me right off my supper! 8O :puker:
  5. Errm, I take it this is in addition to the £6 billion recently rained down on Africa to 'help combat AIDS'; the £2 billion given to India that ended up funding its space programme; the additional £1 billion just announced for India; the £4 billion contribution to the Mafia via the EU and, believe it or not, the £2 billion bale out cash given to Iceland via the World Bank.

    Crisis? What Crisis?
  6. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Forget about dishing out money to Pakistan (can afford nukes, gets shed loads of cash off the Septics for 'help' in dealing/obstructing with Al Qaeda hunting, when the ISI actually helps them), that Fraggle faced dog looks more like a


    than anything that could mistakenly be called appealling.

    Have a cold shower man. Twice. Then put on a cilice (or four) until those evil thoughts leave you.
  7. 'Salright. It's not our money, it's the Government's.
  8. Im sorry, i cant help it, its her voice , her dress sense. the serious look she has, and of course that mouth.
    As for Pakistan, im offshore there right now and i am having a late crew change due to their officials making the chopper pilots(from Oz and NZ) take English exams. Bitter? not me!!

    Any more pics of Wendy?
  9. Post Op I take it?
  10. Well, no doubt it will be well spent.

    Perhaps some of it might fund an investigation into the murder of Major-General Faisal Alavi. Or perhaps not.

    "The brother-in-law of VS Naipaul, the British novelist and Nobel laureate, was murdered last month after threatening to expose Pakistani army generals who had made deals with Taliban militants.

    Major-General Faisal Alavi, a former head of Pakistan’s special forces, whose sister Nadira is Lady Naipaul, named two generals in a letter to the head of the army. He warned that he would “furnish all relevant proof”.

  11. Its peanuts, a measely small amount that we need not worry about....
    After all, Mr Brown now has the taxpayer coughing up £262,000,000 a day in interest payments for government debt.
    If we can afford that then two days worth of interest payment to Pakistan is a drop in the ocean.

    I think we are in the shiite
  12. All this pilfering away of our money is down right disgusting.
  13. The trouble is that money given to that country is lmore ikely to FUND terrorism and bombing atrocities in the west, if not in our own country. Pakistan has long been the home to AQ, and supported the efforts of the Taleban. It all stems from the 80's when Pakistan was used to funnel weapons to the mujahadeen from the CIA.
  14. What a fcuking waste of money... how about donation 480 kilotonne bomb instead
  15. Why they can already afford them.

    Next we'll be giving footballers a bonus :x

    These fcukwits have got to go.