£400 dog c@~P

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by datumhead, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. Now if only the authorities would fine cat owners a similar amount for allowing their stinking moggies to shit every where it would be great
  2. Discus? what does an olympic event have to do with this?
  3. Ah-hem sorry long day!

  4. cats are classed as vermin you can shoot them

    and as for the dog poo to right from th looks of the report her garden probably stunk the minging cow
  5. Good. The story is a clearer once you click on the link. Dirty bitch - the simple act of cleaning after her own pet even before the complaint would have been easy enough, bloody easier than paying £400.
  6. I hate dog shite, Lazy owners should be force fed the fcuking filth. Whats it take? Not brain surgery is it! An old plastic bag and 30 second of your time.
  7. Serves the silly cow right..

    If you can't pick up your dogs cr*p...Don't own a dog :!:
  8. I don't own a dog so think the fine should have been more and the dog should have been put down.