£4 an oor for a babby sitter. Too much or am I a tightwad?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. trickywoo56

    trickywoo56 Old-Salt

    Bloody buggering flaps - been oot on afternoon lash with missus and tru to find b.sitter charges 4 notes an hour for 8 basted hours. What is the going rate for a 16 yr old, 32B (tops)?

    Also, do I get to pay it less if I don't stare at its (frankly piss-poor) norks?

  2. giblackjack

    giblackjack Clanker

    you're a tightwad. You're lucky to be getting away with that little. If your kids are horrors, you'd be lucky to be charged double that.
  3. Nah, seems a fair rate to me - you sound tighter than your babysitter's how's-your-father! :D
  4. Maj_Boothroyd

    Maj_Boothroyd War Hero

    Singly from the block, 4pack on arrival, remainder of crate on completion. Sky Sports optional, pay for your own movies.
  5. Tell her that you will tell her parent you found her smoking dope in the garden and rifling through you effects if she doesn't do it free and call round with some pals with beigger norks to put on a lesbo floor show.

    Failing that deduct amount from wives house keeping, give her a back hand and demand feeding. :D
  6. trickywoo56

    trickywoo56 Old-Salt

    Giblackjack - I don't have any kids. I have children. And they are not horrors - they managed to survive the abortion attempts.

    Stoaty - fair one.

    Maj B.royd - are you related to Jonathan King?

    RSM - knew you wouldn't let me down. She is treemendows and no soft drugs present. Next door neighbour and has also supplied us with Shreks et al on DVD. Nice lass, no charva tendencies. Feck it, £4 to keep it on the straight and narrow seems OK. Brother's up for the crabs too.

    I'll get back in me box like.