£320m spent on HM Forces hotel and food bills

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. Nothing will change, mind you I am paying 90 pound a month for a 4 bedroom quarter in london so can't grumble, even if my boiler has broken down 5 times in 9 months!
    the only annoying thing is soldiers are checked on their expenses, and get a percentage back for meals etc, where as politicians can spend up tp 21 pound and claim without a receipt, dont know if civil servants are the same but I would guess that they come under same pay rules as soldiers!
    maybe a shiny arse could explain.
  2. No doubt this has been"aired" by that labour d+ck who's sole aim in life is to chip away at armed forces credibilty financially from the top down, can't remember his name, you know the one, generals with batmen living in stately homes and money sopunked on ski trips la la la

    look closer and it mentions Civil serpents............................
  3. As ever I strongly suspect that this is a bit of shoddy journalism. If that is the T&S bill for the whole of Defence then it doesn't look too bad to me.

    I am also damn sure that more than £16M was spent on upgrading accomodation (note these are 06/07 figures...). The MHS contract alone must be worth more than that, surely????
  4. Now is this figure solely what's been spent on 'hotels and dining' or as with the last story like this one, from a few months back I think it was, does the £230 million figure quoted cover a wide range of expenditures of which 'hotels and dining' is a percentage of?
  5. how many military houses are left? My understanding is that most quarters are rented! MHS are pants and I suspect like most other companies working for the MOD they are taking them to the cleaners, mind you I would expect the t+s budget to be double that, so I would suspect it is just hotels and food!
  6. Think this has cropped up before - IIRC the figure includes costs of transporting heavy equipment to and from theatre (if the figures include transport, not clear from the report).
    The article seems to make out that only nasty civil servants ever stay in hotels, which is blatantly untrue.

    The cost here is roughly 1% of the entire MOD budget, and travel budgets are assigned at a local level. If you have an issue with the size of the travel budget then take it up with your CO, who is usually one of the people involved in setting its size. There is no central T&S budget for the armed forces.
  7. Pure drivel at its finest. Jim is spot on with what he says.

    How senior is senior? I'm entitled to all of the above but rarely use it (twice in over 2 years) as it's often not necessary. I'm glad that the Civil Servants are getting the blame again.

    P.S. To quote a 1* of a lighter shade of blue recently "I'm not catching a first class train to London for the Theatre. It's a waste of money. I only travel First Class when work's paying". :roll:
  8. The twist is that if 'we' paid out of our own pocket for food, hotels, planes and cars for the good and benefit of the company (MOD) then Journo would be up in arms again! Damned if we do spend T&S, damned if we don't....
  9. Good point Stab Tiffy - forgot to note that business class flights generally dont happen anymore unless you're going to Australia or some other far off destination for us mere mortals, while I think its 2* and above for general travel. First class rail is currently SO2 level, but I'd be surprised if that perk lasted much longer. Taxis can only be claimed when there is no other source of transport available.

    I find it ironic that journalists are criticising us for using taxis and drinking wine - I know quite a few journos, who see their expense account as a salary ehancement!
  10. Well, everybody flying on duty over 2 1/2 hours is entitled to business class. You can travel in cattle class if you and the budget manager agree to the lower class of travel. Of course if you don't agree then he can tell you that you aren't going then i suppose!!!
  11. "Well, everybody flying on duty over 2 1/2 hours is entitled to business class."

    Chummers - thats a great example of the way different units do it differently. Everywhere I've ever been business class has been a minimum of 5 - 7 hours flight, and even then the strong preference is for economy and a day off on arrival for acclimatisation. The MOD has no uniform policy by the look of things.
  12. I'll think you'll find the flight must be over 5 hours and it's not Business Class but Premium Economy or the the BA World Traveller Plus but only if a 'rest day' cannot be programmed for the day directly following the flight.
    I've flown to the US on a regular basis in the last couple of years and Virgin 'Trooper' flights are the budget managers choice with you seat allocated on length of stay and visit programme. Fly on a Saturday with a rest day Sunday and into cattle class you go :D
  13. We used to get £21+£5 incidentals for a days susbsistence (food, drink) but we went to actuals (ie: receipts) about 5 years ago.

    It was great. I did a 2 week course in southend and in the evenings bought a kebab and 4 pack from the offy for about a tenner. Made a good few quid that way. I needed it as I was skint at the time!

    (Civil servant, HMC&E)

    How much did the RAF spend on Hotels then?
  14. "dont know if civil servants are the same but I would guess that they come under same pay rules as soldiers!"

    Nope - everything has to be receipted and checks on at least 10% of all claims are made.