£30k payout to Corp Central Mess!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Anonymoose, Aug 10, 2005.

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  1. I read today that the Corp central mess got a payout of £30k from Corps Funds! Does that mean all the other messes are entitled? The mess at Kineton should be flattened and rebuilt, Didcot's has had a lego portacabin stuck on the side of it to feed the juniors and Im sure many other places are just as bad (except Northolt who have a nice shiny RAF mess)!
  2. Northolt.... nice and shiney?

    Coffee served in the ante-room from a Kenko coffee machine
    Bar that looks like as if it's been nicked from a pub
    Front door opens onto the runway
    Rooms in annexes that leak and the pipework rattles
    Windows that don't close properly
    Not to mention mess staff who are clinically insane!

    Errrrr no, Northolt is NOT nice and shiney, not nice at all in fact.
  3. The Sgts Mess is. You should have took the harder option and done the AT course and not the hobby version, then you too could live in trust house forty spec accommodation.
  4. Which central mess? Officer's or Sgts? Didn't the Officers mess get a big payout a few ago? And does this all come from my one days bloody pay scheme?
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Maybe you'll all start attending the Corps dinner nights to benefit.

    In fact the more the merrier, swamp the central mess. If every SNCO attended every central function they couldn't cope, so then you may have grounds to whinge. :)
  6. Spoken like a man in a ATRA establishment with less duties/tours/distance to Deepcut than he used to have.

    Who's money have we spent, ours again? I'd love to carry that wallet for a night on the p1ss! £30000..........Guiness please
  7. I think that Sir Rowley Birkin QC is just a whinger ...
  8. I went to one recently in Marchwood. Bloody great night and so good to get a cheap dinner. I've been paying in to the ODPS since I joined up, so I felt I have claimed a bit back now. Travelled miles to get there, but well worth it.
  9. Excellent threat assessment - for an ex wedge. Now get back to writing propaganda.
  10. And he looks like his dog ...
  11. Sir Rowley looks nothing like his dog!

    The dog is long legged, lithe, atheletic.......And gwarr.

    None of these terms could be use to describe Rowley, even at his best. Ask him about the joys of an Eaton twin split and he will regail you further with tales of daring and bravery in theatres such as Ockleton and Bedford, but little whinging will be heard. He leaves that to me! :wink: