£300K claim sought for slipping on a grape in M&S

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by skypilotuk, Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. On the news this evening; some knobber wants to sue M&S for slipping on a grape in an M&S store. How much worth is a soldier's eye, arm, leg, face.... Where's my webley :evil:
  2. NO NO and NO.
  3. Absolute knobber.

    If they can't take responsibility for their own actions, they shouldn't be given the chance to. They should be bloody sectioned on the basis that they're a hazard to themselves and other people.
  4. If you had a chance to screw £300k out of M&S, would you? Be honest. They are not exactly hard up, the only people suffering would be the shareholders. Shame.

    This is of course an entirely separate issue to the matter of compensation for injured squaddies. I think it is a mistake to view the two matters together. Until the Armed Forces stop being treated as second class citizens by both the Gubment and society in general, it ain't gonna change.
  5. Just saw a soldier with Simon weston type injuries on Channel 5 news. MOD cnut trying to justify the pay out............................
  6. No its wrong to want that amount. And the prices only go up to compensate.

    On your basis, the Government is not hard up and therefore it is OK to screw them for money, forget the fact that tax payers or others (i.e Armed Forces) will suffer.

    As delicious as it sounds to get one over on these rich companies it only breeds the litigation culture.
  7. Not true. The shareholders want to turn a profit. The more people who successfully sue for slipping on grapes, the more the shareholders will have to recoup their losses through either
    (a) their insurance, which will tend to have an inflationary effect on premiums, because the insurers will pass on their own losses to Joe Public, or
    (b) their prices, which will mean that customers get to pay more.

    The more successful claims there are for this sort of thing, or for crappy overinflated car accidents/whiplash etc, or for work injuries, or house contents, or tripping up on the pavement (or you name it, whatever the something for nothing brigade think of next) then the more you and I pay.

    It makes my blood boil.

    Edited to add that I agree with Dingerr. It breeds the litigation culture which harms us all.
  8. They do a really nice bag of ground coffee in M&S though.
  9. Some shareholders are Joe public whether they are part of a pension scheme holding shares or just someone who has worked hard to buy the shares should they be robbed by this conning tosser?

  10. I see your point, but the litigation culture exists because there is no effective legislation that exists to limit these extortionate claims. It's called a free market economy. Or do you want to just pick and choose the bits you like?
  11. And this is one of the reasons why this country is going to the dogs. There are so many people who see the opportunity to get a quick buck without realising the bigger picture. If someone is genuinely injured and requires compensation then by all means if there is true negligence on a companies behalf then they should be liable. However the problem now is that accidents where an individual's carelessness is a contributory factor is ignored by 'no win, no fee' lawyers in the rush to blame a company and get a big payout.

    Where there's a blame there's a claim!!! Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh, half of these people need a 9mm payout for their money grabbing antics.
  12. Well apparently it's not just ripping his quadriceps that he's suing for but also "adverse psychological effects" and also a "loss in confidence" since it apparently plunged him into "deep depression" and therefore affected his business. What the hell? You slipped and were injured, grow the fuck up.
  13. A loss in confidence and deep depression because he was clumsy! If he was that fragile he should have stayed at home, wrapped in cotton wool.

  14. Ever since lawyers were allowed to advertise the whole way of life has changed, one half are praying for a chance to win the legal lottery, the other half are quoting risk assessment and H&S regs, and in the middle is the legal trade screwing both sides and ripping everbody off.

    There is justice and there is the law, it is very important not to confuse the two or think that they have the dame end in mind.
  15. Much as this no-win/no-fee, compensation culture makes my blood boil I cant complain too much as it keeps me in work and doing quite comfortably well - following the cheats around to show they are not injured.