£3000 on a car

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. Right
    Couldn't choose a forum, so this one'll have to do.

    The crabby brief:
    £3000 to spend on a used car.
    Has to be large enough to fit crabby's long legs and broad shoulders in + be able to sit 5 occasionally and have enough space to lug lots of stuff.
    Currently own a honda civic 5dr.
    Has to do more than 30mpg
    Has to be less than 80k, newer than 99/00.
    Has to be reliable - so nothing french
    Under 12 insurance group - old as I act I'm still a young'un

    My shortlist so far is:
    Honda Accord 1.8 S
    Honda Civic Estate 1.6
    Ford Focus Estate
    Ford Mondeo
    Ford Mondeo Estate
    Skoda Octavia Estate

    Anyone got anything realistic to add to that?
  2. Just get a bike, lazy git :D
  3. £3000 should get you a fairly decent boob job in Belgium. A nice pair of C cups (nothing too flashy) and you need never leave your house again- and just think of all the money you'd save on tax, insurance and petrol.
  4. The octavias are really cramped which i found disapointing 'cause i really liked them.

    The Honda's at least you are on known territory there.

    Fords good reliable, even come with a free shirt and jacket to hang in the rear passenger window for when you are on motorways.

    If you plan on doing a lot of dogging the estates are probably best to go for as you can put the seats down.
  5. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
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    Vauxhall Meriva, Loads of leg room, nice to drive, can comfortable fit 5 while still having room in the boot for all ya kit. Plus, because they are higher than the adverage car you can see over the top of the traffic when driving.
  6. I wanted to: but my mother said she'd disown me and I've decided I rather like the batty old dear.

    Oh, and it's about £650 for a direct access course because I'm not spending 2 years on 125cc bike!
  7. But about as reliable as a pensioner's bladder...

    (and too new to be available under £3000)
  8. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    I can honestly say i have had no problems with mine at all. I know a few people that have Vauxhalls and none of us have had problems as yet. If anything they are more reliable than a Ford.

    Just checked the internet there is one in Leicster going for £995, although i must admit that does seem a bit cheap.
  9. 01 plate vauxhall vectra, 2.2 petrol estate.

    460 miles from 60 litres, no problems, lots of welly and very comfy to drive. you should get a <60k one for £3k
  10. Vectra 1.9 CDTI massive boot loadsa room excellent MPG and reliable
  11. I'm not convinced about vauxhall, we have 8 and all under a year old and all have had to be recalled, one has spent 3 months in the workshops and all the others have been in and out all year. The 1.3 DTIs seem to lack power and do less MPG than the 1.7s! I am considering trying to get the boss to cancel the other 60 on order....but you know how hard that is when contracts have been signed.
  12. Vectras and Meriva are for the living dead. The Vectra's handling is still pants. Those cars have no soul.

    £3k will buy you nice low mileage Mondeo with lots of extra gadgets. Mine does 475miles on a 61.5 litre fillup. Its only a 1.6 16v,(I wish I'd gone for a 1.8 now) but even with 5 up, still has enough power in reserve if needed. Handling is great too.

    Reliable where it matters, but I am often repairing little things that require a trip to Halfords or a Ford main dealer, but the car has never failed to get me where I want to go. This is my third Mondeo, and I have never had a breakdown or failure to start.

    Jeremy Clarkson has described the Mondeo as 'Britains best kept Motoring Secret'

    Estates are good, but fuel consumption is higher, I believe.
  13. My car just failed its MOT test - £1400 to replace the steering rack...
    Anyone interested in a 98 Civic 5dr 1.4 with 143k on the clock? Very good condition otherwise. Nice little project...
    Do not like vauxhalls as have known people with many problems.
    Think I'll be nipping down to London (where cars are £500 cheaper than east anglia) for a nice honda accord 5dr tomorrow
  14. BCA (british car autions) worth a look - nearest might be Peterborough for you?
    I've bought three excellent ex lease bargains there (three or four years old). I tend to go for the bigger stuff (Volvo S80 etc) with a high milage but if it's been done over three years it's almost certainly been done on the motorway.

    Had a look on Thursday and a late 03 TDI mondeo ghia with 96k on the clock went through for under £4K - nice looking car and I'd guess that the engine would do another 96k plus? (I'm no epert though).